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6 June 2017

From Norway to Wangaratta, the latest round of Music Works grants packs a punch with exciting local and international opportunities for the music industry, at every level.

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Musician Geoffrey O'Connor (pictured, three times) has received a grant for the recording and production of a new solo album.

Major Funding and Quick Response grants will enable Victorian musicians, producers, labels and promoters to expand their businesses, undertake career-making opportunities, and tour, record or write new music.

More than 800 music industry professionals will benefit from the grants totalling over half a million dollars.

Proving that Music Works works, previous recipients have gone on  be signed by international labels and win national and international awards. Close to half of all of this year's AIR Award nominees – including four of five nominees for Best Independent Artist are Music Works alumni.

A full list of recipients below.

Music Works – Major Funding round recipients

Aeroplane Agency, Brunswick: $5,000
Support for the Up The Guts Regional Live Music Tour. This grant will contribute to the costs associated with touring three Australian artists, with 18 live shows across four states including three dates in regional Victoria.

Alexandra Kolac (Xani), Brunswick: $8,350
Supporting an EP recording, release and launch event for pop artist Xani.

AMISTAT, Heidelberg Heights: $10,000
Known for their popular stints busking in Melbourne's CBD, this grant will support a European tour by folk band Amistat with fellow Melbourne act Oliver's Army.

Audrey Studios, Coburg: $5,835
Support for the Audrey Studios Recording Pathways program, a valuable professional development program with a diverse focus that allows participants to record with award-winning female producer, Anna Laverty.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Michael Harbus-James, Melbourne: $11,400
Support for the production and promotion of  a new EP by Sister Girl, three female MC's from Koori, Kukatha and Agwamin country.

Sean Bailey, Northcote: $4,200
Support for Lakes' 'Silver Thorns' EP recording project, which will bring together gothic, folk, industrial and punk influences.

Bedroom Suck Records,  Brunswick: $20,000
Support for the Great Southern Land tour, a 35-gig  regional Victoria and Tasmania tour featuring artists signed to the independent label Bedroom Suck Records.

Sophia Brous, Malvern East: $10,000
Support for the production and final mixing of a studio album by EXO-TECH, an improvised industrial outfit led by Sophia Brous, with a growing international following. The album will be finalised with UK producer David Wrench.

Sarah Carroll, Clifton Springs: $10,000
Country music artist, Sarah Carroll, will take her band on tour to metro and regional centres in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and the ACT to promote their recent album, 'Star Parade'.

Simona Castricum, Brunswick: $13,000
Support for the production of a 12" EP and remix release by Simona Castricum, who is recognised as a leader in Victoria's growing gender non-conforming music community.

Simon Charles, Parkville: $8,768
Support for the production of 'Marionette: A Recording' by composer and sound artist, Simon Charles. International labels have already expressed interest in releasing this work.

Jen Cloher, Thornbury: $15,500
Support for a debut tour in the UK and Europe in September 2017, to promote her next album.

Biddy Connor, Thornbury: $18,900
Support for the production of the debut album by The Letter String Quartet featuring singer/songwriter Marita Dyson.

Cooking Vinyl Australia,  Kensington: $5,010
Heavy and alternative music label, Cooking Vinyl Australia, will travel to the United States to attend business meetings and networking events in order to create and expand opportunities for current label artists.

Didirri, Yarraville: $15,835
Support for a new EP recording by folk artist Didirri.

El Perro Productions, St Kilda: $19,792
Support for the GRID Series Artist Development Program, which has a track record of providing development opportunities for young aspiring music professionals in outer South-East Melbourne.

Foreign Brothers on behalf of SO.Crates, Northcote: $10,000
Production support for hip hop outfit SO.Crates' double EP release on limited edition vinyl.

Kate Herrington, Fitzroy North: $5,850
Support for the production and promotion of the debut album of experimental-pop project Full Flower Moon Band.

Huntly, Clifton Hill: $11,000
This grant will support the recording of the début album by electronic trip Huntly.

Jenny M. Thomas, Thornbury: $9,300
Support for Bush Gothic to take their reworked Australian folk songs to New Zealand and the United Kingdom, following a successful 2016 tour to Europe.

Jonnine Standish, Kallista: $8,200
Support for the promotion of the album 'Super Natural' by electronic artist/songwriter Jonnine Standish.

Michael Katz, East Melbourne: $15,000
Support for Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda's headline European Tour in 2017, which will include esteemed festivals such as Glastonbury, Sonar and Love International.

KEWL, Abbotsford: $18,000
Support for 'Now Sound', a film project which seeks to capture and celebrate the current state of the Melbourne independent music scene.

LANKS, Windsor: $12,000
Support for the debut album by electronic artist LANKS.

Joel Ma, Fitzroy North: $18,400
Support for an ambitious collaborative music project, Joelistics Presents Film School, in which MC Joelistics will take on his first producer role.

Nicholas Martyn, Coburg: $4,000
Support for a professional development opportunity in Cuba to experience rhythm, percussion technique and the musical language of Cuba. Having worked extensively with Victorian artists, such as the Cat Empire and Clary Browne, Martyn will benefit creatively and professionally from this unique opportunity.

Jade McInally, Fitzroy North: $11,350
Support for the production and promotion of the début album by Melbourne alternative four-piece Jade Imagine.

Guy Blackman, Clifton Hill: $25,000
Following on from recent signings with an international distributor, Chapter Music will receive funding for tailored publicity campaigns that will promote six of their artists in the United States and United Kingdom.

Monkey Marc, Canterbury: $10,000
Support for the recording, mixing and mastering of producer Monkey Marc's third album in collaboration with leading Jamaican reggae artists. Support will also cover an accompanying music video and worldwide online promotion.

Null, West Footscray: $9,700
Instrumental electronic music project Null has been developing audiences for a number of years. The grant will support the recording and release of Null's debut album.

James O'Brien, Coburg: $5,000
Support for the recording and release campaign for the sophomore album by Darling James, Mood Eyes.

Geoffrey O'Connor, Brunswick: $7,000
Recording and production of a new solo album.

Potatoheadz Records, Brunswick: $4,005
Since its beginnings in Ballarat, Potatoheadz Records has built a solid local and international following within the EDM club scene. This grant will support the production of a new four-track vinyl EP featuring the label's artists.

Raised By Eagles, Collingwood: $9,800
Support for an east coast tour of regional and metro venues to support the launch of the new album by the alt-country/roots act Raised by Eagles.

Emma Russack, Northcote: $10,000
Support for the production and promotion of a fourth studio album by the indie singer-songwriter.

Laila Sakini, Belgrave South: $7,400
Support for the promotion of electronic music artist Laila Sakini's 'Figures' EP across Europe and the UK with a new music video.

Lisa Salvo, Reservoir: $6,000
Support for the recording of a new album by progressive pop artist Lisa Salvo, performing as On Diamond.

Smooch Records, Brunswick: $17,000
Support for the publicity and promotional activities of Smooch Records, an energetic, local, alternative music label that plans to release and publicise six releases across 12 months.

Raquel Solier, Brunswick: $10,000
Support for the production of a début album by electronic act Various Asses, with accompanying visual content.

Tetrahedra, Thornbury: $11,120
This grant will enable electro-pop outfit, Tetrahedra to collaborate with a well-known local photographer and videographer to produce an audio-visual EP.

The Black Sistaz, Maidstone: $10,000
Support for West Papuan music trio The Black Sistaz to record their new EP in July 2017.

The Cactus Channel, Fitzroy: $13,150
Creation of soul/funk/pop band The Cactus Channel's third studio album.

The Push Incorporated, Brunswick: $14,400
Support for the ongoing Push Songs program, a songwriting mentorship program with a track record of delivering strong outcomes for young Victorian songwriters.

This Way North,  Alexandra: $7,606
Support for a new EP recording, to take place in Canada, followed by a west coast Canadian tour designed to build on and expand the band's North American industry contacts.

Áine Tyrrell, Killarney: $17,500
Support for a songwriting and recording mentorship that will see Melbourne-based contemporary Irish folk artist, Áine Tyrrell work with, and learn from, acclaimed Irish act Glen Hansard and the Frames.

Wet Lips, Brunswick: $8,028
Support for a 13-date east coast tour by punk/rock outfit Wet Lips to support the release of a new album. Support is also provided for tour promotion and for a music video.

Emily York, Collingwood: $5,000
Support for tour promoter Emily York to undertake a professional development opportunity in the UK to develop her networks with a view to attracting more international acts to tour to Victoria.

Music Works – Quick Response grants

Charlotte Abroms, Fitzroy: $3,067
For music manager Charlotte Abroms to travel to the UK to attend The Great Escape music festival to connect with industry leaders and seek opportunities for her Victorian clients.

Cannonball, Nunawading: $10,390
For a tour by jazz/groove/soul sextet Cannonball which will see the group perform and present workshops at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Zhuhai World & Jazz Music Festival (China), Dajidian Music Festival (Baoding, China), and also at clubs and educational institutions in Beijing, Zhongshan (China).

Cookin' On 3 Burners, Preston: $7,000
For a six-date tour to the UK. The tour will capitalise on the group's worldwide success of their 2016 collaboration with French electronic music producer Kungs (Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners 'This Girl') which went to number one on the charts in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Latvia and Scotland and number two on the UK singles chart.

Courtney Clarke, Fitzroy North: $4,750
For Melbourne artist CC:Disco! (Courtney Clark) to travel to Europe for a schedule of performances, meetings with industry representatives to discuss and present future music releases.

D.D Dumbo, Collingwood: $12,000
For a three week tour of Europe to support the release of D.D Dumbo's debut album, 'Utopia Defeated'.

Jonathan Heilbron, Elwood: $2,690
To tour to Israel, Norway, Russia and Germany to perform at leading festivals and venues.

Lewis Ingham, Hawthorn East: $1,500
To travel to the US to participate in a composition program held as part of the 2017 Charlotte New Music Festival.

Mandy Connell, Wangaratta: $1,040
Support to produce 'An Otherwise Quiet Room' a video series hosted by Mandy Connell that features interviews and performance by independent singer/songwriters.

Tim Shiel, Clifton Hill: $4,147
For a three week trip to the US (Los Angeles and New York) to build international networks and capitalise on opportunities for both himself and the artists he represents via his independent record label Spirit Level. The trip will include attendance at A2IM Indie Week, an international conference and networking event for independent music