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20 March 2017

Called 'the MIT of visual effects' by Fast Company magazine, Gnomon will return to Melbourne from 31 March-2 April for a weekend of live demos, masterclasses and panel discussions.

Gnomon, Tran Ma

Tran Ma

The event will give Victoria's design and visual effects artists rare insight into the top echelons of the industry and an opportunity to learn from the best.

Building on last year's successful event, Gnomon Live 2017 is again curated by Alex Alvarez, Gnomon's Founder and CEO, and features  a host of leading international VFX artists.

Having built their knowledge in some of the world's leading studios, the guests will share their techniques and experience working on Hollywood Feature films, AAA games, and shortform across commercials VR, AR and short films.

Through a Gnomon lens, they will demonstrate how they bring stories, characters, creatures and environments to life through a range of computer graphics programs, explaining how they achieve such an impressive level of detail in the ever-tight timelines demanded of artists in the industry.

Gnomon Live 2017 will cover a breadth of production areas such as matte painting, compositing, lighting, 3D modelling, texturing, character design, and art direction.

Gnomon Live will also feature the first Australian screening of The Ningyo, an independent tale of Faustian exploration and mythical creature hunting. Artists Tran Ma and Miguel Ortega will take audiences through the process of how to make a live action film from your own living room.

Tickets to Gnomon Live 2017 are $390 standard/$260 concession.

Visit Gnomon Live for details