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22 December 2017

We are seeking a dynamic, experienced project team to establish and operate a new creative co-working hub in Bendigo.

Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery

Recognised as a creative and cultural centre, Bendigo is home to artists, practitioners, businesses and microbusiness working across a range of creative industries, that make up the local creative ecosystem and contribute to Bendigo’s growing creative economy.

The Bendigo Creative Industries Hub will support and reinforce this by:

  • Attracting creative individuals and microbusinesses from Bendigo and surrounding regions to an affordable and central co-working space
  • Offering flexible work spaces suitable for formal and informal use, networking and presentations
  • Providing pathways to professionalisation
  • Fostering connectivity across creative domains
  • Enhancing the visibility and profile of Bendigo’s creative industries
  • Contributing to the development of a distinct identity for Bendigo’s creative sector

Proposals are now sought from experienced hub co-working/creative space operators to establish and operate the Hub, and to deliver a program of skills development and networking events within Bendigo’s creative industries community.

Applicants will be asked to develop programming for the hub, as well as a broader business plan and business engagement strategy. The successful team will be required to manage all aspects of Hub operations including staff, membership, sub tenancies, venue hire and bookings, and a proposed on-site café.

The Bendigo Creative Industries Hub is a key component of the Bendigo Art and Design action of Creative State, the Victorian Government’s creative industries strategy.

Proposals are due by Friday 9 February 2018.

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