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7 December 2017

The Australia Council for the Arts has released a detailed analysis of arts engagement in regional Australia.

Shepparton Festival

Shepparton Festival

The Arts in Regional Australia: A Research Summary provides a holistic overview of audiences, arts professionals and organisations in the regions, including a snapshot of participation and access for First Nations people.

The report reveals that regional residents are as likely to creatively participate in the arts as their metropolitan counterparts, with around seven in ten people attending arts engagements in regional Australia.

While attendance is comparable, income for artists is not: although 1 in 6 professional Australian artists live in regional cities or towns, artists living in the regions earn almost a third less than their counterparts in metropolitan areas.

The report also reveals that 1 in 3 First Nations people in remote Australia creatively participate in First Nations arts and almost 1 in 10 earn income from the arts.

First Nations people living in remote areas are more likely to attend First Nations festivals than those in regional Australia or major cities. While First Nations people are a growing audience segment at cultural venues such as libraries, museums and art galleries, First Nations people living in regional and remote Australia are much less likely to attend these institutions.

Visit the Australia Council to read the full report