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22 February 2017

Arts Access has launched three major capacity building resources for the arts, disability and mental health sectors under the banner Art Matters.

Back to Back Theatre, Theatre of Speed. Photo by Jeff Busby.

Back to Back Theatre, Theatre of Speed. Photo by Jeff Busby.

Art and You – A Planning Guide is the first resource of its kind to empower people with disability and mental health issues to argue for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding for their art-making.

An essential advocacy tool, Art and You was co-designed with artists with disability and mental health issues and identifies how the arts are related to health, wellbeing, employment and social connection, demonstrating the direct link between arts participation and NDIS outcomes.

ARTfinder is a unique online tool that allows people with disability to search for and find inclusive and accessible arts programs across the state, searchable by geographic location, access needs, art-form, cost and frequency.

Offering comprehensive, universally accessible search functions, ARTfinder provides a direct link between organisations offering accessible arts programs and the people who want to find and use the programs.

Finally, Art for Everyone is a guide to creating accessible and inclusive arts programs. It for artists and organisations and provides guidance on what makes an arts program truly accessible.

Under the Art Matters banner, all three resources work together to create and connect accessible arts programs with the people who need them.

Visit Arts Access for details