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30 June 2017

It's been an incredible two-days! Over 100 speakers have addressed around 350+ members of Victoria's creative industries on all matters of the arts and creativity – and that's not even counting the virtual crowds who have been tuning into the live stream.

Pic of Creative State Summit programs

#CreativeState has marked a trail of lively discussion on Twitter. Here are some of the big, inspiring – and occasionally dangerous – ideas shared today:

  • '(#Yirramboi program) streams reflect our culture. If you don't have your story, you don't have a dance.' Jacob Boehme #CreativeState (via @Creative_Vic)
  • '(#Yirramboi) We had 100+ events & engaged 951 Indigenous artists & cultural leaders-not a bad job for our 1st!' Jacob Boehme #CreativeState (via @Creative_Vic)
  • .@Aquabatics explores techniques for layering 2 creative streams together & dangerous ideas that appear in post-production. #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • Dr Sarah Jane Pell using deep diving & bio tech to inform living systems. A body of water in a body of water #CreativeState (via @RoseHiscock)
  • 'I'm using creativity as a vehicle to space' @Aquabatics #ArtistAstronaut #CreativeState  (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'I try to do work that is authentic to my concerns - I don't do things to be deliberately dangerous' - Baby Guerrilla #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'I don't think creativity should be feared, it should be welcomed' -Baby Guerrilla #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'Dynamic partnerships is long term, boots on the ground work' @KuhneDonna #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'Ambassadors are so important, I empower them - without their support we won't be successful' @KuhneDonna #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'We want to build this grand & better world & why not do it in the arts' @KuhneDonna #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'Common humanity is what we need to invest in' @Berryfeather #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'Value of the community & collaborating into networks is important to crowdfunding, startups & artists' @alancrabbe #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'In the form of writing connections online, building a community & getting feedback instantly is there' @jemmabirrell #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • SC: being able to communicate what you do in a human way will help you stand out - not bland/repetitive mission statements #CreativeState (via @ArtsIndCouncil )
  • '@natmuseum_sg is about engaging it's audiences as creative participants' @Ashteo #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'We need to work out how to reconnect cities and citizens through government' @clora #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • Quote of the day: "Artists have no investment in the status quo, so are the best people to ask about the future" #creativestate (via @Belinda_A_Ross)
  • 'Games can be a means for people to experience lifestyles that they might not be able to understand' @creatrixtiara #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'We need people with a passion for storytelling! Gaming is the most amazing revolution in storytelling' - Katie Gall #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'No-one has to give you permission to make games. You can do it with no investment apart from time' - Ally McLean #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • @future_crunch close out #CreativeState summit with good news bubbles: escaping the race to the bottom of the brain stem by releasing fear (via @breetrevena)

Read the Day 1 Creative State Summit recap and expect more on the summit, along with some great pics, when we're back in on Monday.