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11 January 2018

Victorian artists working in theatre, dance, visual arts, literature and more will bring their creative projects to life thanks to the latest round of grants through the Victorian Government’s VicArts grants program.

The Lifted Brow

The Lifted Brow

Grants totalling almost $1.5 million will support close to 70 groundbreaking projects across the state. Overall, these projects will provide career and employment opportunities for more than 2,000 Victorian artists and associated professionals.

From podcasts to concerts that pair classical musicians and DJs – the latest round of projects illustrates the diversity and dynamism of the creative talent who call Victoria home.

The round supports both established artists, such as physical theatre director and founding member of Circus Oz Sue Broadway, and emerging creative talent including author Katherine Brabon who last year won The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award, a prize that kickstarted the careers of authors such as Tim Winton.

Many projects are significant in scale such as Waking the Giants, which will create a performance inspired by the giant volcanoes around Mount Elephant, or Street Skeeters, a new theatre work that will see giant puppet maker Daniele Poidomani working with athletes with a disability who will operate puppets via their sports-wheelchairs.

Several projects aim to drive social change including a project by Behind the Wire, an organisation that seeks to tell the stories of people kept in mandatory detention. The School of Hard Knocks has also received support for a men’s choir project aimed at promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Career development is the focus of several projects, including the establishment of a new residency program that will see artists working at Melbourne’s Arts House and in the Natimuk community.

For the first time, the program offered grants to support programs that run over two years with supported activities including festivals, concerts and publications.

Applications for the next round of the VicArts Grants program will close on 22 February for projects commencing from 1 July 2018.

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VicArts Grants - August 2017 Recipients

Adam Ridgeway, CARLTON NORTH: $9,258
For the development and presentation of a sculpture, sound and projection work that explores the idea of dystopian futures from the perspective of First Nations peoples, by Adam Ridgeway and Josh Muir.

Andrew Westle, COLLINGWOOD: $12,685
Support for Delving into Dance, a podcast series that explores the current state of dance locally and globally through interviews with dance makers, artists, and choreographers.

Anthony Crowley, KINGSVILLE: $16,500
Presentation of a new musical theatre show about zombies and armageddon.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Adam Wheeler, SOUTHBANK: $22,000
Development of NEO, a dance project comprising three contemporary works that explore Generation Z and the world they occupy.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Emma Valente, YARRAVILLE: $30,000
Presentation of Unwoman, a large-scale feminist theatre work investigating reproductive rights and control of the female body, presented by The Rabble and Maeve Stone.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jodee Mundy, SOUTHBANK: $15,000
Development of Personal, a story exploring disability and ability that will blend live performance and multimedia. The work will feature a virtual interpreter and creative captioning and will be performed in both English and Auslan.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jonathan Homsey, FOOTSCRAY: $20,000
Presentation of a performance installation that incorporates choreography, augmented reality and live performance to explore gender identity and utopian worlds.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Merophie Carr, SEDDON: $19,558
Development and presentation of Weekly Ticket Footscray, a long-term project that will see an artist give weekly performances at Footscray Train Station.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Nicola Gunn, EAST MELBOURNE: $25,650
To tour performer/choreographer Nicola Gunn's dance and theatre work Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster to Canada and Europe.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Shian Law, WINDSOR: $16,000
Development of a new dance work and associated lecture that will explore the history of dance from a queer, trans and post-colonial perspective.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Tamara Saulwick, SEDDON: $10,000
Presentation of a North American tour of Endings, a theatre work that explores death, dying and the afterlife.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Weave Movement Theatre, PRESTON: $32,580
Development of a dance/physical theatre work comprising a majority of performers with disability.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Youbi Lee, BRUNSWICK: $11,895
Presentation of a printmaking exhibition that aims to create a dialogue about Asian identity and Orientalism in contemporary Australia.

Australian Book Review, SOUTHBANK: $30,000
For the Australian Book Review's 2018 program of monthly publications including issues focused on Indigenous content, film and television, poetry and fiction.

Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, MELBOURNE: $37,500
Development and presentation of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra's 2018 and 2019 program of Melbourne concerts and education events.

Behind the Wire, CARLTON: $59,320
Development and publication of a book featuring the stories and writings of marginalised voices captured by Behind the Wire, an oral history organisation that collects and shares stories from people held in mandatory detention.

Burrinja on behalf of Justine Walsh, UPWEY: $19,999
Presentation of hillscene LIVE 2018, a 10-month cross artform artistic development program that will culminate in a small scale experimental live art festival.

Caroline Meaden, KENSINGTON: $19,990Development and presentation of a performance that explores women in our culture and our lives.

Presentation of a year-long program of exhibitions, artist talks and catalogues for 2018.

Charles Purcell, PRINCES HILL: $20,000
Creative development of Apokalypsis, a contemporary performance work exploring humanity's response to living in a world on the brink of catastrophic destruction.

City of Melbourne, MELBOURNE: $30,000
Support for a new creative research residency program that will see interdisciplinary artists working both at Melbourne's Arts House and in Natimuk. The artists will develop small scale works that focus on sustainable practice or reflect the sites where they are created or presented.

Clare Rae, PRESTON: $19,500
Presentation of two photography exhibitions that will showcase the work of Victorian photographer  Clare Rae and French artist, photographer and writer, Claude Cahun. One exhibition will be staged at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne and the other will be held at CCA Galleries International in Jersey, on the UK’s Channel Islands, where an extensive archive of Claude Cahun's work is held.

Development and presentation of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019, a festival of ideas, exhibitions, and events, that seeks to engage with a broader public on issues around climate change.

Cordite Poetry, CARLTON SOUTH: $50,400
Development and publication of ten issues of the poetry and criticism journal Cordite Poetry Review and Cordite Books Series 3 in 2018 and 2019. The years ahead will also see the publications translated into six languages to cater for international readers.

Dancehouse on behalf of James Welsby, BRUNSWICK: $19,950
Development and presentation of a dance performance at Dancehouse in Melbourne, along with associated community workshops.

Daniele Poidomani, SEDDON: $13,075
Creative development and presentation of Street Skeeters, a community-based theatre work involving athletes with a disability who will build and operate giant puppets that will be mounted to their sports-wheelchairs.

Danielle Reynolds, NORTHCOTE: $17,044
For the development and presentation of a new dance work that explores dance in the human world and the animal kingdom.

Deanne Butterworth, MELBOURNE: $11,000
Development of a performance work where three dancers will explore historical and contemporary notions of duality, the mind, the body and emotion.

Donald Edgar, FITZROY: $10,720
Development and publication of a book exploring the unique history and development of Victoria’s network of regional art galleries.

Else Fitzgerald, CARLTON NORTH: $12,750
Development of a manuscript of short works of fiction that explore landscapes, language and technology and the ways they may shift and alter in a radically changing world.

Eugenia Lim, BRUNSWICK: $15,500
Presentation of The Australian Ugliness, a multi-channel video installation exploring contemporary Australian identity through architecture.

Fiona Abicare, MELBOURNE: $15,000
Creative development of Rose Moon, an exhibition exploring the origins of the shabby chic interior design style in relation to art history and feminine aesthetics.

Flinders Quartet Inc, ABECKETT STREET: $23,000
Development and presentation of a series of concerts, outreach programs and touring shows as part of the Flinders Quartet's 2018 program.

Fortyfivedownstairs, MELBOURNE: $20,000
Presentation of Bottomless, a theatre work set in Broome's Sober Up Centre.

Greatest Hits, FITZROY:$15,000
Creative development and presentation of a new filmed stage performance that explores the impact of emerging technologies.

Hanna Chetwin, FITZROY: $12,000
Creative development of a new audiovisual work for multiple 16mm film and 35mm slide projectors, instruments, 16-part choir and electronics.

Jeff Achtem, BRUNSWICK: $19,600
Creative development of Giant, a new performance work by Bunk Puppets for family audiences with digital puppetry and physical theatre.

Katherine Brabon, WOODEND: $6,000
Completion of a novel set in contemporary Japan in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

Kelli Alred, FITZROY: $19,654
Presentation of an exhibition of cross-disciplinary works including video, performance and installation at the Abbotsford Convent's Magdalen Laundries.

Lab Kelpie, NORTHCOTE: $22,735
Presentation of Broken, a play by Mary Anne Bulter that explores the lives of three characters as each experiences separate challenging events.

Presentation of a year-long program of literary magazine Liminal, which includes an online publication focusing on Asian-Australians.

Make It Up Club, MELBOURNE: $30,000
Presentation of Make It Up Club's 2018 weekly series of avant garde, improvisation and sound art concerts. 2018 will mark the Make It Up Club's 20th anniversary and will include a special 20th Birthday Festival at Bar Open.

Marco Cher-Gibard, NORTH MELBOURNE: $12,284
To develop a sound installation work and to present a work-in-progress showing to potential presenters.

Mariaa Randall, KANGAROO FLAT: $8,689
Artistic and professional development activities for dancer/choreographer Mariaa Randall to explore new markets for Indigenous arts and attending key industry conferences in the United States, Australia and New Zealand in 2018.

Marita Dyson, BRUNSWICK EAST: $10,727
Development and presentation of a musical performance of original songs that will respond to the volcanic plains and waterways of western Melbourne, reflecting on geology, industrial history and environmental change, by The Orbweavers and The Letter String Quartet.

Mark Brandi, BRUNSWICK EAST: $14,760
To complete the manuscript for a new literary crime novel Kiss Me Quick.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival, SOUTH YARRA: $35,000
Support for the 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

Mick Klepner Roe, YARRAVILLE: $15,200
Creative development of Glitch, a performance event that explores the medicalisation of trans identity, by transgender performance collective, Embittered Swish.

Miles Allinson, BRUNSWICK: $10,200
Creative development of In Moonland, a new novel that explores religion, politics, violence and myth.

Mount Elephant Community Management, LISMORE: $6,450
Creative development of Waking the Giants, a creative music based performance that explores geology, natural history and cultural history of the volcanic plains and giant dormant volcanoes of the region.

Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc on behalf of Yumi Tsuchiya-Umiumare, COLLINGWOOD: $17,000
Presentation of a program of public workshops, performances and talks for community members to explore Butoh, a Japanese theatre and dance form.

People of Colour Performing Arts Company / Rani Pramesti, KENSINGTON: $20,471
Creative development of From Solo to Serbia, a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural theatre work that explores the stories of two families spanning Indonesia, Serbia and Australia.

Play On Arts, CARLTON NORTH: $11,336
Presentation of Play On Series Four, a series of three concerts at the Collingwood Underground Carpark that pairs classical performers with DJs.

Right Now, KENSINGTON: $5,100
Development and publication of a series of writing for Right Now, an online publication focusing on human rights issues.

RMIT on behalf of Julienne van Loon, ABBOTSFORD: $12,770
For the final draft of a novel Instructions for a Steep Decline, a work of fiction which explores the social and economic culture of urban Australia prior to the global financial crisis.

Sascha Kelly, FLEMINGTON: $12,479
Development and recording of The Abbotsford Mysteries, a new music-based podcast that explores the complex history of Melbourne's Abbotsford Convent.

School of Hard Knocks, CARLTON: $19,000
Development and presentation of MEN ALOUD! a series of singing workshops that will explore the various aspects of mental health and wellbeing for men from metro and regional Victoria. The workshops will culminate in a performance by participants.

Speak Percussion Inc. on behalf of Liza Lim, SOUTH YARRA: $22,000
Development of Atlas of the Sky, a new work for a solo soprano, three percussionists and chorus combined with specially built kinetic instruments.

Steven Rhall, SEDDON: $20,000
Presentation of an exhibition that explores the context of Aboriginal Art as a classification within the Australian art world.

Sue Broadway, CLIFTON HILL: $16,000
Presentation of One and the Other, a physical theatre work that examines the invaluable role of female friendship and challenges the assumptions of ageing.

Swampland Magazine, BRUNSWICK: $19,999
Production of two issues of Swampland, an independent publication that features long-form Australian music journalism and photography.

TarraWarra Museum of Art, HEALESVILLE: $59,540
Creative development of new visual artworks by 11 Victorian artists that will be presented at the TarraWarra Biennial 2018.

TCB art inc, MELBOURNE: $22,900
Support for the Proglegomon (Phase IV) program which connects established Victorian and international artists with emerging Victorian artists in a series of exhibitions and public events.

The Lifted Brow, MELBOURNE: $26,290
Publication of four issues of the literature, arts and culture journal The Lifted Brow.

The Rereaders, NORTHCOTE: $19,665
Year-long program of The Rereaders, a literary and culture podcast. This includes 22 episodes of The Rereaders' fortnightly podcasts and eight additional podcasts.

Triage Live Art Collective, RICHMOND: $21,488
Presentation of the Infirmary, an intimate, immersive and participatory live art work that examines illness and death.

un Projects, COLLINGWOOD: $25,000
Development and presentation of two editions of the arts and culture journal un Magazine and support for the production of new monthly digital content.

Wild@heART Community Arts, NORTH MELBOURNE: $30,000
For a year-long storytelling and songwriting project by and for people living with mental illness in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne.

Witness Performance, WILLIAMSTOWN: $35,000
To develop and launch Witness, a website that explores the history and current practice of the Australian performing arts, incorporating reviews, long-form essays, a podcast and a video series.