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7 January 2016

Victoria's digital games industry is set to make a major splash this month at the world's largest video game event – the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) – held in San Francisco.

A delegation of 57 people, including Victorian game developers and designers, will travel to San Francisco this week led by Creative Victoria. The 2016 delegation is Victoria's biggest yet and represents more than half of the state's games sector.

Participants include Andy Sum of Hipster Whale, the company behind the worldwide hit mobile game Crossy Road. Also attending is Ross Symons of Big Ant Studios and Daniel Visser of Wicked Witch – two of Australia's largest independent studios.

Forty of the participants - including developers, designers, virtual reality practitioners, audio composers, sound specialists and marketers - have received support through Film Victoria to attend the event.

Generating lucrative partnerships for participants and the state, the Victorian Government has led delegations to GDC every year since 1996. Last year, 27 Victorians took part, resulting in $32 million in projected  sales and exports.

Not only a conference, GDC includes exhibitions and award ceremonies such as the Independent Games Festival Awards. Another local success story, Melbourne studio League of Geeks - also part of the delegation - has been nominated for an award for its latest game Armello.

Victoria is home to half of Australia's digital games industry with more than 100 game development studios and games industry service providers.

As well as promoting Victorian products and services, the delegation will encourage international participation at Melbourne International Games Week 2016.

A Creative Victoria initiative, Games Week is a celebration of games and technology-focused events that will run from 31 October - 6 November.

The 2016 Game Developers Conference will run from 14-18 March 2016.

For more information about Victorian Government support for the games sector, visit the Film Victoria website.

Participants who received support through Film Victoria to attend 2016 GDC:

Ross Symons, Big Ant Studios Pty Ltd
Nicholas McDonnell, Samurai Punk Pty Ltd
Garth Midgley, GOATi Enterntainment
Chuan Lim, LN_TAO Pty Ltd
Loki Davison, Wander MMO Pty. Ltd.
Michael Blackney
Adam Scoble, Bandit-1
Blake Mizzi. League of Geeks Pty Ltd
Barney Cumming, Powerhoof
Nick Hagger, Robot Circus Pty Ltd
Joshua Boggs, Loveshack Entertainment
Conor O'Kane, Io Normal Pty Ltd
Paul Baker, Three Phase Interactive
Marcus Grambau, Valorian Games Pty Ltd
Jason Bakker
Craig Duturbure, Grapple Gun Games Pty Ltd
James Bonner, Opaque Multimedia
Richard Rouse, Crackerjack Games
Ben Britten, Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd
Ashley leach, Points of Engagement
Antony Blackett
Andrew Smith, Lampshade Games Pty Ltd
Chad Mulroney, Checkbox Studios Pty Ltd
Paul Seedy, Current Studios Pty Ltd
Henrik Pettersson, The Voxel Agents
Sam Izzo, Horse Drawn Games Pty Ltd
Christopher O'Neill
Anna Irwin-Schutze, Sound Librarian
Jack Gillespie, Well Placed Cactus
Alexander Suurland, Surprise Attack Pty Ltd
Jonathan Murphy
Justin Cavenagh
Mark Ryan
Giselle Rosma
Miss Lauren Clinnick, Lumi Consulting
Nathan Antony
Scott Reismanis, DBolical Pty Ltd
David Miers, Sprinter Sports Pty Ltd
Michele Iannello
Kamina Vincent

Additional participants attending 2016 GDC:

Cam Rogers Legal Pty Ltd, Cam Rogers
Andy Sum, Hipster Whale
Daniel Visser, Wicked Witch
Kevin Chan, Robot Circus
Thomas Killen, contractor with Hipster Whale
Emma Sui, EA
Owen Wigg, EA
Nina Nicolic, EA
Ollie Smiles, EA
Aspen Forester, EA
Jonathon Dodd, EA
Casey Thomas, Dark Shadow Studio
Laura Voss, Harmonious Games
Antony Reed, Game Developers' Association of Australia
Annie Tyson, Game Developers' Association of Australia
Liam Esler
Andrew Giannopoulos