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6 December 2016

Nine Melbourne game developers will share in more than $440,000 in the latest round of Film Victoria's games investment funding.

The American Dream by Samurai Punk

The American Dream by Samurai Punk

The games span a diverse range of topics – from a satirical virtual reality journey through 1950s America to a detective game designed for a primarily male audience, and a poignant story of a mother searching an alien planet for a cure to her son's illness.

The successful applicants through the Assigned Production Investment - Games program are:

  • Elden (OneRat Games) – a story-driven action adventure, with a unique visual style
  • Fiend Legion (Spree Entertainment) – a strategy game of dramatic clashes between armies of fantastical creatures
  • Heist (Atomizer Games) – a noir cat burglar game using non-lethal gadgets to get the loot and get out
  • Into Affliction (Valorian Games) – a mother stranded on an alien planet searches for a cure to her son's illness
  • The American Dream (Samurai Punk) – a satirical virtual reality trip through a 1950s world fair in a life dominated by guns
  • The Beat (Up Multimedia) – a glam-noir detective adventure set in contemporary Melbourne and inspired by true events
  • Reflex (Turbo Pixel) – an arena-based shooter, played both competitively and casually
  • Odd Gods (Inn Between Worlds) – a tactical role-playing game, where pop culture tropes come to life as a twisted pantheon of demons.

Through the Games Release program, funding will also assist the marketing and distribution of Framed 2, the prequel to the multi-award-winning puzzle noir game released in 2014.

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