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30 June 2016

Eleven women working across Victoria's film, television and digital games sectors have been awarded support totalling $186,000 to boost their careers, through two new Film Victoria programs.

The Women in Games Fellowship and the Film Victoria-Natalie Miller Fellowship Women in Leadership Development Initiative (run in partnership with the Natalie Miller Fellowship) both provide tailored development opportunities for women to build their leadership skills and professional expertise in the screen industry.

The fellowships and bursaries are tailored to strategically develop the career of the recipient with activities ranging from international placements and formal training to mentorships.

While women comprise around half of audiences, they are underrepresented across Australia's screen industries, particularly in key creative roles.

In feature films women comprise only 16 per cent of directors and 21 per cent of writers, while only 8.7 per cent of game creators are women.

Women in Games Fellowships have been awarded to:

  • Giselle Rosman, IDGA Melbourne branch director and part of the Hipster Whale team
  • Kamina Vincent, Mountains co-founder
  • Elyssia Kane, Girl Geek Academy co-founder
  • Katie Gall, games PR and marketing specialist
  • Brooke Maggs, writer and game designer
  • Kalonica Quigley, 3D artist 

Film Victoria-Natalie Miller Fellowship Women in Leadership Development bursaries have also gone to:

  • Britt Arthur, Australian International Documentary Conference CEO
  • Philippa Campey, Film Camp producer and founder
  • Rachel Davis, children's television specialist
  • Gabrielle Oldaker, film marketer
  • Leanne Tonkes, producer

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