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8 August 2016

Eleven artists will share in more than $60,000 in funding in the latest round of Creative Victoria's Music Works Quick Response grants.

A photo of Teeth & Tongue

Jess Cornelius aka Teeth & Tongue

Designed to support an agile, market-responsive music industry, Quick Response grants help Victorian musicians and music professionals to take up unforeseen opportunities as they arise.

The latest round of grants will support four Victorian artists who have been selected to attend Bigsound, Australia's premier music industry conference. Teeth & Tongue, Tinpan Orange, Alex Lahey and Ecca Vandal will head to Brisbane for the October event, showcasing new music for key Australian and international bookers, promoters, labels and media.

A Quick Response grant will enable  Sarah Carroll and Liam Gerner to participate in the Americana Showcase – a touring event that celebrates the rich musical heritage of the American Midwest by connecting artists with music lovers across the USA – while dance label Waving at Trains will explore international booking and distribution deals for its roster of electronic artists.

Read the full list of grant recipients below.

The next round of Music Works Quick Response Grants opens on Monday 29 August for projects beginning from 6 October 2016.

Quick Reponse Grant Recipients
August 2016

Jesse Lubitz (Tinpan Orange), $4,000
BIGSOUND showcase and networking opportunities

Liam Gerner, $5,000
US radio promo tour, Americana 2016 showcase and album release

James Ware, $3,100
Waving at Trains international networking for artist roster, distribution and booking

Jess Cornelius (Teeth & Tongue), $2,900
BIGSOUND Showcase and networking opportunities

Dallas Frasca, $7,000
'Check Bang' world tour

Nathan Williams, $10,000
'Power' North American tour

Ali Barter, $7,000
Australian support tours

Alex Lahey, $5,000
BIGSOUND Showcase and networking opportunities

King Parrot, $9,000
Battle of the Bays European tour featuring Obituary, Exodus, Prong and King Parrot

Ecca Vandal, $4,500
BIGSOUND Showcase and networking opportunities

Sarah Carroll, $3,000
Americana Tour  2016