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5 October 2015

Arts and creativity will have a renewed focus in Victorian schools following the announcement of a comprehensive set of targets  designed to drive improved student outcomes across Victorian schools over the next decade.

The announcement is the culmination of a 10-week Education State stakeholder and community engagement process run by Victoria's Department of Education and Training. The consultation followed the launch of the new Victorian Curriculum for years Foundation – 10.

The Education State's targets focus on measuring the whole of a student's ability – not just on achievement in academic subjects. They aim to improve student outcomes across a range of learning and development areas by 2025.

Two of the four Learning for Life goals set out in the Education State's targets are:

  • More students excel in the arts
  • More students achieving the highest levels of achievement in critical and creative thinking

 The measures for recording performance for these targets will be developed against the new Victorian Curriculum by December 2016, positioning Victoria as a global leader in educational practice.

Education State program acknowledges that schools can only achieve the targets by recognising the value of essential partnerships with the broader community, with museums, galleries and libraries, and with the community sector and industry.

The targets and Victorian Curriculum will be implemented in Victorian schools over the next year. This process will include further exploring, understanding and supporting the intersection of the education, arts and creative sectors.

Announcing the Education State targets, Minister for Education James Merlino said, "The jobs of the future are in ideas and knowledge. Victoria has always relied on people and minds to create jobs. But our kids will need to be smarter, more creative and well-rounded than ever before."

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