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20 July 2015

Thousands of Victorians have shared their vision for Victoria's creative future, contributing to the development of the state's first creative industries strategy.

During a five week open consultation process, over a thousand people – from within the creative industries and the public – took part in state-wide workshops that explored the challenges and opportunities facing Victoria's creative and cultural industries.

Around 220 individuals and organisations submitted written responses to the discussion paper and many others participated in the discussion online at strategy.creative.vic.gov.au. Over 8,500 people visited the strategy website, contributing 200 discussion threads, and posting 370 ideas which attracted over 5,000 votes. All responses are still available to view on the site.

Themes to come out of the consultation included the value of collaboration across disciplines, the need to invest in new ideas, research and development, the importance of arts education, and putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of the new strategy.

The Creative Industries Taskforce, led by Melbourne University Publishing CEO Louise Adler, will now work to develop a draft strategy that will be presented to the Government by the end of the year.

The strategy will be focused on ensuring all Victorians benefit from a strong and vibrant creative culture that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our community.

The strategy will also build on the significant contribution the creative industries make to creating jobs and building on Victoria's global reputation as the creative state.