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24 August 2015

Twenty one leading Victorian arts organisations will trial a new cultural value measurement platform in the second half of 2015.

Culture Counts is a measurement platform that captures artist, peer and public feedback on the quality and impact of arts and cultural events. Currently in a testing phase, the technology is designed to support feedback between artists, arts organisations and the public. 

It is hoped that Culture Counts will provide value to artists by connecting them to peer and audience responses; value to arts funders in the form of artistic and social impact measurement data and value to the public by providing a structured and dynamic forum for sharing views and opinions on arts and cultural events.

Developed by Pracsys Economics for the Department of Culture and the Arts in Western  Australia, Culture Counts has been successfully trialled in WA and in the UK (in partnership with the Arts Council England) and is now being trialled in Queensland by Arts Queensland. 

The Victorian trial will commence in the second half of 2015 within the cohort of organisations funded through the Organisations Investment Program (OIP).

Participating organisations include:

Centre for Contemporary Photography
Victorian Opera
The Wheeler Centre
Theatre Works
ILBIJERRI Theatre Company
Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV) + Regional Galleries
Heide Museum of Modern Art
Cultural Development Network
Jewish Museum of Australia
Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV) & NETS
Western Edge Youth Arts
Melbourne Writers Festival
KAGE Physical Theatre Assoc Inc.
Arapiles Community Theatre
Big West Festival
Linden New Art
The Sovereign Hill Museums Association
The Boite (Vic) Inc

In August, Culture Counts will be deployed at the Boite Millennium Chorus event, the KAGE Physical Theatre performance of PICNIC and during the Melbourne Writer's Festival.

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