Partners: Circus Oz and Tooborac and Pyalong Primary Schools
Participants: Primary, whole of both schools: 120 students
Artistic Discipline: Circus
Curriculum Focus: History, Geography, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, English, Thinking, Personal Learning,
Interpersonal Development
Funded Through: Extended School Residencies program

The teachers of Pyalong and Tooborac described their small rural schools as 'islands in central Victoria'. The students had little access to cultural or arts activities in their local area and public transport to outside opportunities was limited. When partnered with Circus Oz, one of Australia's oldest and best loved circus companies, the school principals and teachers were over the moon.

Together with the team from Circus Oz they designed a project that would integrate with a whole school inquiry on Asia. The resulting performance shared an epic journey to see the Great Wall of China, meet a dragon, dance Bollywood style and unearth a terracotta army before discovering that the treasures from afar are all part of our culture here in Australia.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Deeply integrate your project into curriculum. Toobelong Circus was a purposeful, inquiry-based learning project that engaged students in their own learning.
  • Challenge everybody. Everyone went out of their comfort zone and experienced something new - the students, teachers, school principals and the artists.
  • Build community. Toobelong Circus engaged the whole school community and broke down the barriers between teachers and students, different year levels and families and the school.

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