Partners: The Women's Circus and Elmore Primary School
Participants: Primary, whole school: 30 students
Artistic Discipline: Circus
Curriculum Focus: The Arts, History, The Humanities, Mathematics, Science, English, Thinking Processes, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, Interpersonal Development, Communication, Design, Creativity and Technology, Information and Communications Technology.
Funded Through: Extended School Residencies program

With this multi-disciplinary arts project Elmore Primary School wanted to forge closer connections with its community, and raise morale after a tough couple of years of drought and flood. The teachers were also interested in helping students develop resilience and independence, embrace transformation and change, and expand their ideas of integrity, creativity and their own personal best. At the same time The Women's Circus was hoping to develop the work of its lead artist, Jens Altheimer, which crosses the boundaries of science/physics and sits somewhere between "art" and "innovation", whilst also collaborating with other Women's Circus artists.

The project involved performance and the development of theatrical skills from scratch, group–based circus skills and understanding and designing  kinetic installation practices. These installations were chain-reaction like contraptions built from everyday objects by the students. The work enabled the children to explore science and engineering in a playful and quirky way, investigating concepts such as gravity, inclined planes, levers, counterweight, force, effort and the storing of energy. The project engaged with the local community across generations and supported the whole school community to investigate the way our lives are constant moments of movement between perfect moments of balance. 

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Find an artistic concept or "Big Idea" for you project, which aligns with the current interests and explorations of both the arts organisation and the school partners. Watch various practitioners talk about the Big Ideas that could be concepts, themes, problems, challenges, paradoxes, assumptions or perspectives.
  • Involve students in meaningful maths and science learning activities in an arts project
  • Engage students in kinaesthetic learning

The Perfect Moment - The Artistic Concept was funded through the Extended Schools Residencies program.

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Project Overview