Partners: Arena Theatre Company and Diggers Rest Primary School
Participants: Primary, Prep - Year 2: 40 core students & Years 3 - 6: 60 students
Artistic Discipline: Multi-arts (theatre, sound, film, installation, literature)
Curriculum Focus: Literacy (in particular oral literacy), The Arts, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Personal Learning
Funded Through: Extended School Residencies program

What the teachers of Diggers Rest Primary School wanted from an arts project was exposure to new experiences and perspectives for their students to improve oral literacy. Arena Theatre Company was looking for a way to involve young people in the creation of a new work - an interactive installation for children.

The House of Dreaming project became an immersive creative development inspired by imagery, sounds and stories of the dreams of the Diggers Rest children.

Over the duration of the project, the children learned about houses and house design, played theatre games, lay on the floor and listened to atmospheric music and then talked about the pictures it made in their minds. They imagined what would populate a 'dream house' and then drew their designs in real scale on the school quadrangle. The children's stories were gathered, shaped and provided the content for a walk-through House of Dreaming prototype installed in the school. Arena has built on that prototype to create a professionally mounted House of Dreaming performance which will tour throughout Australia.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Use a collaborative school partnership to enrich your arts company's program. Arena Theatre Company saw this project as essential to making high quality work with and for their target audience of young people.
  • Make technology meaningful. The artists worked with the students to test and create content for interactive elements such as radio tagged objects and movement responsive robots.
  • Get results in literacy. House of Dreaming provided rich material for students to speak and write about. The teachers noted increased vocabulary and a willingness by students to extend their language use, both during and after the project.

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