Partners: ArtPlay and Ardeer South Primary School
Participants: Primary: whole school, 230 students
Artistic Discipline: Visual arts
Curriculum Focus: The Arts, Design, ICT, Science, Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development, Thinking Processes
Funded Through: Extended School Residencies program

The Big Draw project might have been better titled the 'Bigger-than-Ben-Hur project'. A different artist was partnered with each class for the whole year. Each artist and teacher team created their own targeted mini project that included:

  • A civilisation created from buried artefacts
  • Learning to see our environment with fresh eyes
  • A life sized cardboard jungle to walk and play in
  • Explorations through drawing in the science class, library and playground

As well as the many discreet projects with each class, the Big Draw incorporated family drawing days at the school, professional learning days for all staff and the installation of a new large-scale work for the library - designed by a team of students from across year levels and realised as panels by every student and teacher in the school.

It wasn't possible to document every mini project of the Big Draw - the film clips show a snapshot overview and a close up of two of the mini projects.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Boost student learning outcomes. The sustained periods of time spent with participating artists in residence had a positive impact on the students' attention to detail, their ability to persist and their capacity to reflect on their work.
  • Expose students to divergent thinking. The artists on this project brought unique interests and points of view. They didn't 'dumb down' their processes or language, which had a real impact with students.
  • Mine the project for deep learning. Each mini project focused on rich material which could be explored in multiple ways and with deepening layers of complexity.

Film Clips

Project Overview

Mini Projects:

Drawing our Environment

A Walk in the Forest