Partners: Centre For Youth Literature (State Library of Victoria) and Nathalia Secondary College
Participants: Secondary, Years 7 and 8: 45 students
Artistic Discipline: Literature, Visual arts
Curriculum Focus: English, The Arts, Humanities (History & Geography), Personal and Interpersonal Development, Design Creativity and Technology, Thinking Processes
Funded Through: Extended School Residencies program

A wave of new graphic novels, zines, illustrated books for adults and interest in artist books inspired this project which exploded the concept of the 'book' and combined text and image in diverse ways that were accessible to secondary students.

Nathalia Secondary College is a small school 225 kilometres north of Melbourne. It prides itself on offering an innovative curriculum, and in particular a high quality literature program. When the opportunity arose to partner with the Centre for Youth Literature, the school immediately saw the potential to further develop its integrated year 7 and 8 program and build the skills of the small team of teachers.

Seven well known published illustrators, cartoonists, writers and graphic novelists brought their unique ideas, processes and techniques to a project spanning three school terms. Together with teachers at the school they enrolled 45 students to create and publish their own works to professional standards.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Change what students believe they are capable of. The students in this project commented on how amazed they were at their own achievements and how being treated as an 'author' changed the way they viewed their work.
  • Keep your curriculum contemporary. The students visited Melbourne-based Sticky Institute to learn about the culture of zine publishing, were exposed to professionals who are challenging traditional formats and used ipads to create and present work.
  • Get your students invested. The work being made was important to each student because they were encouraged to follow their own interests and explore personal stories.

Film Clips

Project Overview

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