Partners: Choreographer, Hellen Sky and Thomastown Secondary College
Participants: Secondary, Years 9 and 10, 20 targeted students (involved other students across the school)
Artistic Discipline: Digital Choreography, Dance, Visual Arts, Lighting Design, Media Art
Curriculum Focus: The Arts, Personal Learning, ICT, English, History, Geography
Funded Through: Artists in Schools program

The students in I Had a Dream described the practicing artist in their classroom, Hellen Sky, as 'out there'. Hellen is a choreographer, performer and director. Her work explores an interest in the body, architecture and the virtual space. Hellen had previously worked in collaboration with scientists, performers, academics, architects and programmers before taking on this partnership with teachers and students.

The cultural diversity of the school provided rich material to explore: six language backgrounds are represented in a school population of around 500 students. The students explored their own personal stories based on their cultural backgrounds and history which they wove into a multi-media and dance performance that exploded all expectations of what was possible to produce in a school.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Amp up your arts curriculum. The school has a growing interest in the arts and particularly wanted to expose their students to multi-media performance and give them a high quality experience of creative technologies not previously available in the school.
  • Transform student/teacher relationships. Everyone was experimenting and collaborating to create this work. Many students expressed how much they enjoyed working 'alongside' their teachers.
  • Take your artistic work in a new direction. The artist on this project was excited and inspired by the input of her student and teacher collaborators. They brought new perspectives and material for her creative explorations.

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