Partners: Ceramic artist, Wendy Jagger and Mansfield Primary School
Participants: Primary, Year 6: 52 students
Artistic Discipline: Ceramics
Curriculum Focus: The Arts, Personal Learning, Design, Creativity and Technology
Funded Through: Artists in Schools program

In this age of convenience, so many of the objects around us are mass produced, pre-packaged and pre-prepared. Mealtimes are increasingly a 'grab and eat' experience.

From Scratch harnessed the knowledge and passion of ceramicist, Wendy Jagger, to take students on a journey from raw materials to functional object, and inspire them to see themselves and the everyday objects around them with fresh eyes.

For the duration of the project the art classroom was converted into a studio which saw the students and their teacher become creative peers, supporting, succeeding and at times struggling together to create the tableware for a community feast.

The journey of From Scratch saw a teacher's practice re-invigorated, an artist inspired to create a new body of work and 52 students invest themselves in their own and each other's creations.

Review the film clips and other resources from this project to find out how to:

  • Invest in your own professional learning. The art teacher involved speaks passionately about what this project has meant for the development of her teaching and personal arts practice. Having a professional mentor in the classroom allowed her to be a learner again.
  • Build student relationships. The students noticed how much they found themselves supporting one another throughout the process. Many felt that they were more comfortable with their peers in the playground and outside school because of this project.
  • Inspire a new body of work. The artist, Wendy Jagger, found that the students' experimentation encouraged her to 'loosen up' with the techniques she usually used. This project has been the impetus for a new series of works.

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