This section contains case studies and video clips of successful partnership arts and education projects that have been supported by Creative Victoria's Creative Learning Partnerships program.

In these case studies you'll find interviews, footage of workshops in progress and performance and exhibition outcomes. You'll gain insight into the experiences of teachers, artists, students and school principals involved in collaborative arts and education partnerships.

Artistic disciplines include theatre, drawing, literature, interactive installation, ephemeral art, ceramics, digital choreography, puppetry and circus and involve primary and secondary school students.  Group sizes ranged from 15 through to involvement from the whole school.

  • Use the 'Challenges & Strategies' worksheet to stimulate ideas for what might be possible for your project
  • Show clips at a staff or parents' meeting to introduce the purpose and possible outcomes of your own project, or
  • As a stimulus for discussion at a professional learning session.

Primary School Projects

Secondary School Projects