A partnership between an artist and a teacher or an arts organisation and a school will require an investment of thinking, planning and resources to make it worthwhile. Before you begin, make sure that a partnership project is appropriate for you/your organisation and that you have the capacity to  support it.

You will need to consider your own or your organisation's:
Drivers: Your reasons and need for a partnership project
Capacity: The time, resources, energy and money required to run a project properly
Qualities: The behaviours you will need to bring to ensure your project is positive and worthwhile.

Planning Tool

Before you consider embarking on a partnership project, download the following planning tool and work through the checklist of drivers, capacity and qualities to identify the strengths and gaps in your partnership readiness.

Loved what I saw happening with staff… a production of this kind demands so much extra time and commitment but the level of cohesion and growth that came from the total project was invaluable.
-Leonie, school principal.

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