What is the Sustaining Creative Workers initiative?

    Sustaining Creative Workers is a new initiative to directly support individual artists and creative practitioners, as well as micro-organisations and companies who are among the hardest hit by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

    It supports creatives, across all creative disciplines to continue to work in their field, adapt to change, research and develop projects, develop their product or skills, and/or connect with new audiences or markets.

    The initiative has four streams that are open for applications until 5pm, 1 June 2020.

    • Stream 1: First Peoples creatives/artists, micro organisations/businesses from across Victoria with a minimum track record of 5 years in professional public outcomes
    • Stream 2: Metro and Outer Metro Melbourne creatives/artists, micro organisations/businesses with a minimum track record of 5 years in professional public outcomes
    • Stream 3: Deaf and Disabled creatives/artists and arts workers or disability-led micro organisations/businesses from across Victoria
    • Stream 4: Regional Victorian creatives/artists, micro organisations/businesses (with the exception of the groups above) with a minimum track record of 5 years in professional public outcomes. Note: Applications for this stream must be submitted through Regional Arts Victoria.

    How much funding is available through Sustaining Creative Workers?

    The following grants are offered:

    • Up to $5,000 for individuals, sole traders and freelancers
    • Up to $10,000 for collectives, micro-organisations and businesses
    • Up to $2,500 in additional access funding for applications from Deaf and Disabled creatives, artists, arts workers, and disability-led organisations/businesses

    What about emerging practitioners?

    Creative Victoria recognises how important early career creatives are to the health of the sector, and we are working on developing further support for practitioners with less than five years professional practice.

    What kinds of creative practice are supported through this initiative?

    Applications are welcomed from any kind of professional arts and creative practice, including, but not limited to fashion, design, screen and digital games, visual arts/craft, literature, contemporary dance/physical performance, community creative practice, circus, cabaret, music, sound art, theatre, multidisciplinary and experimental work.

    What activities are supported through Sustaining Creative Workers?

    The Fund is designed to enable Victorian creative practitioners to continue to work on their creative practice during these constrained times. The grant can be directed to activities including, but not limited to:

    • Planning and adaptation to our newly emerged environmental context
    • Research and development
    • Product and/or skills development
    • Exploration of new ways to engage audiences
    • Development/exploration of markets for your creative work

    Given the uncertain environment, confirmed presentation outcomes are not required for this program.

    I have a small business, can I apply?

    If your business is based in Victoria, employs less than five full time equivalent (FTE) staff, involves professional creatives producing creative product and has been impacted by coronavirus we welcome your application. Please refer to Creative Victoria’s general eligibility to check your eligibility.

    Can I apply as a collective/ensemble? 

    Yes, Victorian collectives and ensembles can apply for up to $10,000.

    I’m a screen or games practitioner, can I apply? If so, for what types of activity?

    Applications from screen and games practitioners are welcome, however we are focused on supporting activities that are outside of the scope of Film Victoria's programs. We will support activities such as the research and development of new ideas, skills development or the exploration of new ways to engage audiences or find markets for your creative works.

    For activities typically supported through Film Victoria, such as project development and production, please continue to seek support through Film Victoria's programs.

    If you are unsure, please contact program staff to discuss your application.

    How do I apply? (I’m tired and stressed, I’m home schooling kids and my wi-fi keeps cutting out – the thought of preparing a full funding application makes me want to cry…)

    We know this is a stressful and challenging time, and we’ve worked to make the application process as easy as possible.

    You will fill out a short online form, answer one text-based question about your creative practice, plus a few tick-box questions, and upload your CV or company bio – that’s it!

    Program guidelines are available on the Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria websites, and Creative Victoria’s Arts Development team are on hand to help you.

    Can I apply through an auspice?

    Yes, see our general eligibility information.

    Can I submit more than one application?

    In the first instance, one application can be submitted per individual or organisation/business (unless acting as an auspice) up until 30 June 2020.

    Where can I find the guidelines for Sustaining Creative Workers?

    Full program guidelines are available on the Sustainable Creative Workers initiative page and, for regional applicants, on the Regional Arts Victoria's initiative page.

    How quickly will I find out if I’ve been successful?

    It will take a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six weeks from when you submit your application. You will be advised in writing via email of the outcome of your application.

    How many funding rounds are there?

    Applications are now open and can be submitted at any time - they will close when the total funding pool is exhausted.

    If successful, how will I receive the grant money?

    As part of your application you will have the option of providing bank account details. If your application is successful and you accept the grant offer, we will transfer the grant to the bank account provided.

    Alternatively, successful applicants who do not provide banking details at time of application will be able to provide an invoice following notification of outcome.

    How is the program being assessed?

    Industry peers have been engaged to help Creative Victoria assess applications. Applications are sorted and assessed in groups by creative practice.

    Applications by First Peoples creatives are assessed by members of Creative Victoria’s First Peoples Partnerships Group, consisting of Elders and First Peoples creative industry experts.

    Applications from Deaf and Disabled creatives are assessed with advice from Arts Access Victoria and peers.

    Regional applications (with the exception of First Peoples or Deaf and Disabled applicants) are managed by Regional Arts Victoria and assessed by regionally based peers.

    To ensure the funding allocated best represents the diversity of the Victorian community, we are prioritising applications led by First Peoples, creatives who are culturally diverse, Deaf or Disabled and/or those based in regional Victoria.

    How does the program support First Peoples creative practitioners?

    Eligible and competitive applications from First Peoples will be prioritised for support through Sustaining Creative Workers.

    How does the program support regional creative practitioners?

    Regionally based applications (except those from First Peoples or Deaf and Disabled applicants) are managed by Regional Arts Victoria. To ensure an equitable state-wide reach, 24 per cent of the available pool of funds will be allocated to regional recipients, proportionate to Victoria’s population.

    How does the program support creative practitioners who are Deaf or Disabled?

    There is a dedicated budget and assessment process for Deaf and Disabled creatives, artists, arts workers and Disability-led organisations/businesses. We are working with Arts Access Victoria on this.

    Will a grant impact other government support I have received?

    If you are in receipt of JobSeeker or JobKeeper support, you may wish to contact Services Australia to determine if any grant payments may affect your JobSeeker payment or contact your employer/ATO about impacts on your JobKeeper payments.

    Will Creative Victoria continue to run its other programs during this time?

    Creative Victoria will run other programs later in 2020, details will be available on our website soon.