With the release of the Creative State 2025 strategy, Creative Victoria has introduced the Creative Enterprises and the Creative Ventures Programs. These two new multiyear funding programs complement the new National Performing Arts Partnership Framework – a multipartite framework to support major performing arts companies.

    Creative Enterprises Program

    The Creative Enterprises Program will provide four years of investment to established creative organisations and businesses with a record of achievement. Applicants will be leaders in their field and able to demonstrate how they will grow jobs, support the creative community and deliver creative products, activities and services in line with the priorities set out in the Government’s newly released strategy.

    Creative Enterprises Program has three streams:

    • First Peoples – recognising and embracing Aboriginal self-determination principles
    • Industry Service – recognising their role in delivering capability strengthening within the sector
    • Creative – recognising their record of achievement in the development and delivery of creative programs

    Applications closed September 2021.

    Creative Ventures Program

    Recognising that the majority of creative businesses are micro-organisations and collectives, the Creative Ventures Program will be open to entities with up to 10 staff. The new program will give creative entities a stable base to grow and plan over two years, investing in a pipeline of innovative creative content, work and activities.

    This program is open to the full spectrum of creative practice, content and outputs and a range of activities within the creative industries.

    It is focused on investing in creative products and increasing their availability and diversity, and supporting collaboration and new ways of working, as well as growing employment and professional development.

    Applications closed September 2021.

    National Performing Arts Partnership Framework

    The National Performing Arts Partnership Framework has been established as a national partnership between the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments. It supersedes the Major Performing Arts Framework

    The National Performing Arts Partnership Framework is an invitation-only program.

    The companies supported by the Victorian Government through the Framework are:

    • Back to Back Theatre
    • Circus Oz
    • Ilbijerri
    • Malthouse Theatre
    • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Melbourne Theatre Company
    • Opera Australia
    • Orchestra Victoria
    • The Australian Ballet
    • Victorian Opera


    Key Features - Creative Ventures and Creative Enterprise Programs

    Please see program guidelines for more information

    Funding Program

    Funding Term

    Funding Level

    Activity focus

    Who can apply?

    Creative Enterprises Program

    4 years

    From $100Kpa

    Leadership, organisational infrastructure and capacity

    • Legally constituted entity for a min. four   years from end of 2021.
    • Not-for-profit (NFP), non-government   organisations (NGOs) with a min annual turnover of $200K pa
    • Partnership applications are accepted

    Creative Ventures Program

    2 years

    $70K-100K pa

    Creative Programming

    • Entities with an ABN
    • Based in Victoria
    • 10 Full Time Equivalent (EFT) max
    • Auspices are accepted

    Why has Creative Victoria developed a new multiyear funding model?

    Creative Victoria began reviewing its approach to multiyear funding in 2019 to ensure these funding opportunities are responsive to the Victorian creative industry’s contemporary ways of working.

    Research included the findings from the Creative State 2025 strategy consultations in 2019 and again in 2020, and included round tables, surveys, and smaller more targeted sector consultations. Creative Victoria undertook independent research into the health of organisations funded under the Organisations Investment Program identify issues and sector needs. Findings from this work and engagement with the sector throughout 2020 in relation to COVID-19 impacts have informed programs design.

    How do these new programs align with the new Creative State 2025 strategy?

    The design and implementation of the two new multiyear programs are aligned with Creative State 2025 strategy implementation principles:

    First Peoples first - put First Peoples knowledge, practice, protocols and cultural authority front-and-centre and forge stronger and enduring partnerships with First Peoples creative communities.

    For every Victorian– work to ensure that every Victorian – regardless of cultural background, age, gender identity, income or ability – can take up their right to participation in the cultural and creative life of the state.

    Health and wellbeing – work to address concerns in the workplace and to foster healthy, safe and respectful working environments.

    Whole of state – work to ensure that people in remote, regional and outer-metropolitan areas have improved and more equitable access to cultural experiences, creative expression and creative careers.

    Environment impact – influence the way the industry makes, shares, presents, tours and consumes creative product to facilitate reducing environmental impact.

    How will the new programs allow for a greater diversity of entrants?

    These new programs have been designed specifically with diversity in mind, in terms of organisations, leadership, a spread of locations and creative disciplines and outputs.

    A primary target of the Creative Enterprises Program is First Peoples-led organisations and organisations that advance cultural equity, reflected in workforce and leadership, programs, audiences and volunteers.

    Organisations reflecting a diverse range of creative disciplines, diverse cultures, and outer-suburban and regional locations are also strongly encouraged.

    A measure of success will be the percentage of funded organisations that identify as First Nations, disability, gender, LGBTIQ+, age and cultural diversity and regionally based.

    The new Creative Ventures Program will support micro entities and collectives that do not have self-governing boards, opening the program up to more creatives in Victoria making great creative content/work/products, regardless of their business or entity structure. This program acknowledges the agility and contemporary ways of working across the creative industries by removing administrative requirements for applicants and allowing non-legally constituted entities to be auspiced.

    In measuring the impact of this program, strong consideration will be given to the activity’s positive impact for Victorian audiences through engagement, availability and access to creative offerings that reflect the diversity of the Victorian population.