What is the Creators Fund?

    The Creators Fund provides funding to independent creatives or small collectives across the Creative Industries, including the games industry. It is designed to assist creatives to take their practice and their careers to the next level by providing them with time off from their usual practice to undertake a sustained period of intensive development, research and/or experimentation.

    As a creative working within the games industry, how can the Creators Fund support me?

    We know games developers often juggle multiple projects at any one time, and it can be a struggle to allocate the extra time required to research and test new ideas, take risks or investigate new ways of working and platforms.

    The Creators Fund offers the opportunity to undertake a period of research and experimentation and new learnings that can be shared with peers with the hope of achieving excellence and innovation within the fast-changing and competitive industry.

    Rather than supporting the development and marketing of games content (which is supported by Film Victoria’s funding programs) the Creators Fund provides support for developers or studios to dedicate their time to pre-creation research and creative development.

    What kind of games related activity can it support?

    The Creators Fund supports a range of different research and development activities. If you are working in games, it could support you in:

    • Research and testing to transition to new games platforms, systems or engines.
    • Intensive creative research of new ideas and practice-based experimentation.
    • Development of new partnerships that will lead to expansion into other industries, such as transitioning to non-entertainment application of games in medical and/or scientific research, social or community engagement collaborations.
    • Multi-disciplinary research collaborations on opportunities within the entertainment industry, such as the application of games platform in films.
    • Scoping of new market development opportunities.

    Please ring program staff to discuss your research and development idea.

    Can I apply as a studio? How much experience do I/we need?

    The Creators Fund supports independent creative practitioners and collectives – including those working within a games studio.

    This program is open to creatives of various experience, however, to be competitive, the expectation is that you or your collaborators would have at least three years of experience in the games industry in a creative, development or production role.

    What can the funding pay for? Is there anything the Creators Fund won’t cover?

    You can apply for between $20,000 and $50,000.

    This could go towards supporting the full-time wage of one individual or several people working as a collective depending on the time allocated for the intensive work (eg. between 3 and 6 months)

    There are a few things that funding can’t be spent on, including:

    • Costs for non-Victorian practitioners
    • Costs to establish a company, business overheads, business start-up costs, capital purchases or recurrent administrative, infrastructure and other organisational costs not directly associated with the activity
    • Costs to develop a specific project/ prototype or production
    • Private tuition, training, study or course work, including enrolment in undergraduate degree, Masters of PhD courses
    • Discrete business development opportunities.
    • Activity that is eligible for support through other Creative Victoria or Film Victoria programs.

    Please refer to the guidelines for further costs that will not be supported by this program.

    When do I need to undertake the research and development period?

    The funded period needs to commence in 2020.

    Where can I get more information?

    For more information on the program, including the Creators Fund program guidelines, please visit the Creators Fund page of this site

    To discuss an application please contact Sophine Chai, Manager, Arts Development, at sophine.chai@creative.vic.gov.au or by phone on (03) 8683 3164.