Isabel Peppard is a multidisciplinary artist who works across the mediums of film, sculpture and stop-motion animation.

    Her multi-award winning work has screened at top-tier festivals, including MIFF, Sitges and Annecy, as well as at institutions such as GOMA (QLD) and MOMA (Rio De Janeiro) ACMI (Melbourne) and The National Film and Sound Archive.

    Isabel’s short animation ‘Butterflies’ (starring Rachel Griffiths) won the Dendy Award at the Sydney Film Festival was nominated for the AACTA (Australian Academy Award) and broadcast nationally on SBS Television.

    Her hybrid feature documentary 'MORGANA' (co-directed by Josie Hess) had it's world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019, was nominated for Best Australian Documentary at The Sydney Film Festival and received a national cinema release through The Dendy Cinema’s.

    Isabel regularly exhibits at the Beinart Gallery, a curated space that represents surreal and New Contemporary artists from around the world including Shaun Tan, Jonathon Tsang and Ronit Baranga.

    Isabel’s work uses gothic fairytale and handmade symbolic elements to tell humane stories of existential horror and personal transformation.

    What activities will the Creators Fund support you to undertake?

    The Creators Fund will allow me to explore the creation of handmade stopmotion animated worlds in 360 VR, with dual emphasis on the technical and creative demands of the form. My aim is to build a strong base from which to conceptualise and design for stopmotion in VR, and to understand the potential of 360 VR as a storytelling medium.

    Can you talk us through what your work routine will look like with the help of a creator's fund grant?

    The Creators Fund will allow me to do an intensive period of research and experimentation in both the conceptualisation, building and shooting of miniature sets and puppets within the virtual space.

    I will be working under the mentorship of established VR producer Emma Roberts (Starless) to build immersive digital designs for my handmade worlds using VR 3D drawing/sculpting programs such as Tilt Brush, AnimVR and SculptrVR.

    Using my learnings in the digital space I will build a series of handmade miniature sets and will collaborate with animation DOP and motion control expert Gerald Thompson (Mary and Max, Lord of the Rings) to trial different shooting technology including 360 motion control camera rigs.

    My aim will be to bring what I love about stop motion animation into the Virtual World so I can immerse audiences in my unique visual realm of Gothic Fantasy, representational body horror and the monstrous feminine.

    Where would you like to see yourself and your career at the end of this process?

    The support of The Creators Fund will allow me to diversify my work, pushing the boundaries of stopmotion and offering an opportunity to discover other markets for both my filmmaking and my visual art.

    The VR market has an incredible appetite for work that, like mine, is surrealist, experimental and experiential - for example Céline Tricart’s ‘The Key’. These works flow easily between exhibition contexts, from galleries to gamers to top film festivals. Stepping into VR will help to elevate my work, exposing me to new audiences and offering me freedom to play with non-traditional storytelling in a mainstream setting.

    With the learnings from The Creators Fund I will be in a strong place to confidently launch my work into the virtual world and embark on new projects with a strong technical and creative understanding of the medium.

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