MIFF 2016 Opening

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    The Marketing Innovation Fund provides one-off support to successful marketing projects with the aim of encouraging new marketing ideas and initiatives and fresh approaches to engaging audiences, building brand awareness, and increasing income.

    Here we explore some of the projects that have received Marketing Innovation Fund grants, from digital marketing strategies to professional development programs, tracing their impact in terms of success, lessons learned and opportunities uncovered.

    Melbourne Writers Festival: A Diversity Toolkit

    The Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) is one creative organisation taking grander steps in their marketing towards a bigger, and more diverse, future.

    Read more

    MIFF & Melbourne Fringe: Navigating Choice

    Two major Victorian festivals have explored new ways to lead their audience through a tsunami of program options. Read more

    Scott Price & Kaiela Arts: Going Viral

    With limited marketing dollars to spend, two Victorian arts organisations have learned to leverage the power of shareable content. Read more

    Regional Arts Victoria: Reaching the Regions

    To spread knowledge and expertise in remote country towns, Regional Arts Victoria paired experienced arts marketers with small regional presenters. Read more