What is an Advisory Panel?
    Creative Victoria’s Advisory Panels are groups of people (generally between 4-10) with skills and experience within the arts, creative and other complementary sectors that bring independent and specialist knowledge to the grant evaluation process.

    Advisory Panels assess grant applications, make recommendations to the Minister for Creative Industries and occasionally provide advice on Creative Victoria policies and projects.

    Advisory Panel members are selected from the Advisory Panel Register by Creative Victoria staff based on how their expertise and experience relates to the funding program or relevant project area.

    A balance of artform and industry expertise, general skills, gender, Indigenous, multicultural and regional representation is always sought for Advisory Panels. See Programs for more information on the funding programs managed by Creative Victoria.

    What is the role of an Advisory Panel member?
    Panel members are required to read applications, view support materials, write notes and assess applications for the specific funding program. Please note, some programs can attract several hundred applications each round.

    Panel members then attend assessment meetings - which vary from half a day to two days in length - to discuss, deliberate and make recommendations to the Minister for Creative Industries on which applications should receive support.

    Each Advisory Panel has a chair person – also drawn from the Advisory Panel Register - who is chosen based on skills, experience and knowledge of the funding program. The role of the chair is to preside over panel meetings and assist the group to reach the best possible decisions in the most efficient way possible.

    All Panel members are required to follow a Code of Conduct (which is supplied to members in advance of joining the panel) and are paid an honorarium and reasonable expenses for time spent reviewing applications as well as attending assessment meetings.

    Panel members are given their own copies of application forms for review. If a Panel member is unable to view the material on their own computer, Creative Victoria will make arrangements for the Panel member to attend the Creative Victoria offices to view support material. All such material is confidential and must be returned to Creative Victoria.

    How long will I be required to serve on an Advisory Panel?
    The usual term for a member of an Advisory Panel is three years, however it is up to each individual to determine whether or not they are available to take part each time they are called.

    How many people sit on each Advisory Panel?
    The composition and number of members on an Advisory Panel reflects the size and needs of the specific funding program. On average, Advisory Panels range from four to ten people. Each panel will comprise a significant proportion of arts and creative practitioners and managers. Expertise will also be sought in complementary areas such as marketing, education, business, law, as well as from community representatives.

    How much time are Panel members required to commit to the role?
    The two main components of the role of a Panel member are reviewing and assessing funding applications and attending assessment meetings. 

    The number of panel assessment meetings varies with each funding program. The majority of programs have twice yearly meetings, however there is significant variation across the suite of funding programs.  Panel assessment meetings run anywhere between three hours to two full days. All meetings are held in the Melbourne CBD. If you are approached to serve on a panel you will be advised by a Program Manager of the particular requirements of that program in advance of your commitment.

    All Panel members are expected to prepare for assessment meetings by reading applications and viewing support materials, writing notes and assessing applications in advance of the event. If a Panel member is unable to view the material on their own computer, Creative Victoria will make arrangements for the Panel member to attend the Creative Victoria offices to view support material.

    Will I get paid to sit on an Advisory Panel?
    Yes. Creative Victoria Advisory Panel members receive an honorarium to read and assess applications in advance of meetings (preparation fees) and to attend panel assessment meetings (‘sitting fees’) and t. Panel members must submit a tax invoice which includes their ABN to Creative Victoria in order to receive payment.

    Payment rates will be advised when you are approached to sit on a Panel.
    Public sector employees please note that you are only eligible to be remunerated for being on a panel if your substantive employer confirms in writing that the work involved with the panel commitment can be, and will be, performed in your own time.
    Creative Victoria will reimburse any reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by Panel members in attending assessment meetings or viewing support material at Creative Victoria. Panel members are required to submit evidence of any expenditure, such as receipts or tickets, and itemise the expense(s) on their tax invoice to Creative Victoria.

    Reasonable expenses include:

    • tram, train and bus tickets
    • car parking
    • reimbursement of personal car expenses (to be paid at the appropriate rate per kilometre)

    Overnight accommodation and breakfast will be organised and paid for by Creative Victoria for Panel members travelling from regional areas to attend the assessment meeting.

    Is training provided for Advisory Panel members?
    As panel members are recruited for panels based on their existing experience and expertise, there is no formal training required for Advisory Panel members, however individuals who accept a position on a panel are provided with an in depth briefing by Program Managers and provided with a copy of Creative Victoria’s Advisory Panel Induction Handbook. Creative Victoria staff are readily available to Panel Members to assist with enquiries.

    What is the Code of Conduct for Panel members?
    To ensure that Advisory Panels provide Creative Victoria with independent advice, Panel members are required to abide by a Code of Conduct which sets out that they will treat information provided as part of their role as a panel member will be kept confidential, they will remain impartial and that Panel members must declare any conflicts of interest. See the Code of Conduct for more information on what is required of panel members.

    If I am asked to be on an Advisory Panel, am I compelled to take part?
    No, if asked to be part of a panel, it is up to each individual to determine whether or not they are available to take part. Declining a request to sit on a panel will not affect your chances of sitting on a panel in future.

    How will my personal information be used?
    Creative Victoria will treat all the personal information provided as part of the Panel Register  in accordance with the:

    • Information Privacy Act 2000
    • Public Records Act 1973
    • The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

    Personal details will be kept by Creative Victoria on a secure database and will only be accessed by internal staff. Information will be kept for three years.

    Once added to the register, it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their contact details remain current.

    If selected to sit on an Advisory Panel, your name and brief career outline/job title will appear on the Creative Victoria website, along with the names of other panel members for your specific funding program.

    Panel register

    What is the Advisory Panel Register?
    The Advisory Panel Register is a database of individuals with a range of skills and experience, who may be asked to serve on a Creative Victoria Advisory Panel or provide advice to Creative Victoria on its programs or initiatives.

    The Register contains contact details as well as information on the skills, experience and background of these individuals. Information contained in the Panel Register is for internal Creative Victoria use only and is only used in relation to selecting panel members.

    How can I be added to the Advisory Panel Register?
    n the second half of 2020, Creative Victoria will open expressions of interest for people wishing to be included on the Advisory Panel Register. Follow us on social media or sign up to our eNews to be advised when applications open. In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of a panel for a specific funding program, please contact program staff.

    If I am selected to be on the Panel Register how soon will I get to sit on an Advisory Panel?
    Once selected for Creative Victoria’s Advisory Panel Register, your name and details become part of the pool that is drawn from by Creative Victoria staff when recruiting for a Panel. Similar to the jury process in the court system, while in the pool, there is no guarantee that you will be selected to sit on one of Creative Victoria’s Advisory Panels.

    How long will my details remain on the Panel Register?
    Members are approved by the Minister for Creative Industries to be part of the Register for a three-year period.

    I have previously served on a Creative Victoria Advisory Panel, will this improve my chances?
    If you have already been selected to serve on one of Creative Victoria’s panels it is likely you have the types of skills and experience we are looking for so we would love to have you back. However, we are always looking for new people to inject a fresh perspective or area of expertise into the mix so you certainly won’t be disadvantaged if you have not served previously.