Creative Victoria provides direct support to Victoria's creative industries through a range of funding programs.

    Below is an overview of our grants and funding programs. View our Funding Calendar for details of upcoming rounds and application deadlines.

    VicArts Grants

    If you're a Victorian artist or organisation looking for support for a creative project or program find out about VicArts Grants. This open, competitive program supports a wide array artforms across a variety of different activities including development, presentation, community arts and international

    For projects relating to contemporary music including creating work, building capacity or connecting to markets please go to the Music Works Grants program.

    Music Works - Quick Response Grants

    Music Works Quick Response Grants provide support to individuals, groups and organisations to cover immediate opportunities in Regional Activity,  Building Capacity (Professional Development) and Connecting to Markets areas of funding.

    Music Works - Major Funding Rounds

    This program invests in the development and support of Victoria's contemporary music artists and music industries. It provides support for projects and programs that will sustain, develop and grow Victoria's contemporary music sector, increase employment and build cultural and economic outcomes.

    Creative Learning Partnerships

    Creative Learning Partnerships provides the opportunity for Victorian schools to partner with creative professionals or arts and cultural organisations.

    Creators Fund

    This fund is open to individual creative practitioners and collectives across all disciplines, and at all career stages, the program supports artists and creatives to undertake a sustained period of intensive development, research and/or experimentation.

    First People's Programs and Initiatives

    Explore the opportunities on offer for First Peoples living in Victoria, including:

    • First People's Investment program (pilot) - this program provides opportunities for First Peoples individuals, groups and organisations to develop their professional and creative practice and increase career pathways into the creative industries.
    • First People's Creative Industries Traineeship Program which seeks to launch the careers of young First Peoples by opening doors to exciting roles in the creative industries.
    • First People's Partnership Program - a new group which will embed Aboriginal self-determination and community voice throughout Victoria’s next creative industries strategy, 2020-2024 – with, and for the benefit of, First Peoples in Victoria.

    Innovation in Marketing Fund

    The Innovation in Marketing Fund provides one-off support for projects that explore different ways of engaging audiences and building brand awareness.

    Organisations Investment Program

    If you're an arts organisation looking for stable, longer-term operational funding to underpin your creative program, find out about our Organisations Investment Program.

    PAX Rising Grants

    The PAX Rising Grants program offers support to Victorian-based games businesses

    Regional Development & Touring

    If you're looking to tour a professional production, performance, exhibition or program to regional Victoria, or would like to know more about how Creative Victoria supports regional arts facilities, find out about our Regional Development & Touring Program.

    Sustaining Creative Workers initiative

    The Sustaining Creative Workers initiative seeks to support the continued work of Victoria’s independent creative practitioners who have been negatively impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Victorian Independent Producers Initiative

    The Victorian Independent Producers Initiative (VIPI) is a multifaceted program designed to upskill, increase the capacity and build the pool of independent producers in Victoria’s performing arts sector.

    Victorian Live Music Venues Program

    Victoria’s live music venues have been given a lifeline with a $15 million program to help them survive the coronavirus shutdown and return to business, providing employment opportunities for artists, crew, promoters, bookers and more, when it is safe to do so.

    Apply for grants

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    All applications for funding are submitted using the Creative Victoria Grants Portal. Check out Information for all applicants before applying for a grant.