On The Road Again is a Victorian Government initiative to support the return of live music events across Victoria.

    The program supports events across the state, through two major streams:

    • OTRA regional/outer metropolitan – live music concerts, festivals and events organised by presenting partners; and
    • OTRA metro – music events organised by local councils and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

    On The Road Again celebrates Victoria’s reputation as the live music capital of Australia and brings live music back to local stages, boosting the live music industry after a difficult few years due to the pandemic.

    Guidelines - Regional/outer metropolitan

    Guidelines for promotion of OTRA regional and outer suburban events - this document includes text and other acknowledgement requirements that are part of your funding agreement.

    Logo lock-up and assets to download

    All projects supported as part of the On The Road Again regional and outer-metro initiative must recognise government support through use of the On The Road Again and Creative Victoria logos. This includes advertising collateral, websites, publications, performance and media areas.

    The two logos must always be used together in a lock-up as below:

    OTRA logo

    When used in print, the logos must not be any smaller than 11mm (h) x 20.58mm (w).

    Above, below and to each side of the logo there must be clear space equal to the height of the "V" contained within the Creative Victoria logo.

    Other requirements

    The logo elements cannot be split, resized or coloured individually. No alterations or distortions can be made to the logo device. The logo is not to be redrawn or hand-duplicated

    If you have any queries about the placement or use of the logo, please contact our communications team.


    Black on white lockup OTRA x Creative Victoria logo  PNG, 87.7 KB

    White on black lockup OTRA x Creative Victoria logo PNG, 44.3 KB

    A3 Posters PDF, 232.8 KB

    Social Media Assets ZIP, 2.2 MB - includes social header, social square, Insta story, frame for solo artists, frame for groups, banner

    Social media acknowledgements

    When using social media to promote supported activities, please use the following hashtags and account handles.


    Facebook: @CreativeVictoria
    Twitter and Instagram: @Creative_Vic
    LinkedIn: @creative-victoria