Creative Victoria Grants Online - Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register on the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Grants Portal?

    Clicking on the correct program application link on the Program funding page will take you to the introductory page of that application form.  When you click 'next page' you will be required to register, if new to the portal, or to sign in.  Please note that your old Creative Victoria Grants portal log in will not work on the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions grants portal as they are a separate system.

    Which contact details should I use?

    You will be directed to provide a primary contact and signatory details, if not yourself, when applying in the application.

    While many individuals can register and apply on behalf of one organisation, you will only be able to see the applications that you have created from your portal log in.

    What if I leave an organisation that has put in an application?  What will happen to the emails?

    Creative Victoria will contact you using the email address you provide as the Primary contact in the application form.   If you leave an organisation and know you have an open application or grant, contact Creative Victoria and we can assign another primary contact to the application.

    Which funding program should I apply for?

    Before logging on the Grants Portal, make sure you have read and understood the application guidelines to the various Creative Victoria funding programs.  The best place to start is Funding Programs.

    How do I start an application?

    You need to click on the correct link on the Program Funding page, this will take you to the correct application form in the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions online grants portal.

    Do I have to answer every question?

    All mandatory questions have a red asterisk to show a response is required.  If you try to submit an application that has unanswered mandatory questions a red message will appear at the top of the screen to tell you which section is incomplete.

    What if I pick the wrong program, category or funding round?

    Each funding round has a different link to the application page and will have questions and requirements.  If you find you have selected the wrong category or funding, you will need to start a new application using the correct funding round link to make sure you answer the right questions.

    Applications that are not submitted to Creative Victoria by a funding round's closing date will be deleted from the Grants Portal after the closing date has passed.

    What if I need to submit more than ten application documents or support material?

    Wherever possible please submit artistic support material using URLs (links) to existing online material, rather than uploading and submitting large files. While there is a limit of ten uploaded files, you can add as many URLs as you need to.

    A URL can link to your website or other online host (eg youtube, myspace, vimeo, sound cloud, etc). Please ensure URLs are publicly available, as they will need to be accessed by both Creative Victoria staff and peer assessment panels.

    What if I don't submit my application before the closing date?

    Applications to funding rounds close promptly at the published time and date.  Applications that have not been submitted by the closing date will be unable to be sent and will be purged from the system following the funding round closure.

    Do you accept hard copy application forms or support materials?

    We accept hard copy applications under special circumstances and by request only. Contact program staff as soon as possible to arrange this.

    Where can I get help?

    If you need help, contact Creative Victoria on:
    Phone: (03) 9623 1394 (Reception Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm)
    Freecall: 1800 134 894
    TTY: 03 9682 4864