All applications for Creative Victoria funding are submitted using the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) Grants Portal.


    • Each Creative Victoria Grant Program has a specific link to the DJPR Grants Portal and will have unique questions and requirements.
    • It is important to read and understand the Application Guidelines which are found on each grant program page. They are specific to the grants program you are applying to.

    Apply for a grant

    Step 1. Find a grant and prepare

    On the Creative Victoria website find an open grants program you would like to apply for.

    From the grant program page click on the link to 'apply' which will take you to the DJPR Grants Portal.

    Step 2. Register on the DJPR Grants Portal

    • Read through the introduction page on the Grants Portal, then click on ‘Next Page’.
    • You’ll be directed to either 'Sign in' or 'Register'. If you're using this Portal for the first time, please choose 'register' and follow the prompts.
    • To register, enter your name and email address, and create a password.
    • Once registered you will then be directed to the Applicants Details page in the Grants Portal to begin your application. If this doesn't occur please use the unique link on the funding page to start the application using your new registration details.

    Step 3. Submit your application

    Start the application process by filing in all the details required in the DJPR Grants Portal to ensure your application is complete. Some fields with a red asterisk will be mandatory.

    You can save your application as a draft if you need time to complete.

    Once you have completed all your information, submit your application by the due date.

    Where to get help

    Step by step video guide

    View this step by step guide to using the DJPR Grants Portal.

    If you need any help registering or completing your application, contact Creative Victoria on +61 3 9623 1394


    NB: Any acquittals for grants approved before 30 June 2021 need to be completed on the Creative Victoria Grants Portal.

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