Music Works Grants – FAQ 2018/19

    Is my project suitable for a Music Works Grant?

    The Music Works program is specifically designed to support development and capacity building for the contemporary music industry. As an industry development focused program, priority is given to projects that intend to engage with the commercial market. If you are unsure whether your project fits within  the Music Works program, please call program staff to discuss.

    I am not an artist but I have a music business - can I apply for a grant for my business?

    Yes you can – the Music Works package supports the development of the broader industry. The program welcomes applications from across the industry where funding and support from the government will contribute to the growth of the industry. The funding is not designed to pay for areas that normal  market conditions would cover and applications need to be supported by strong planning and financial rationales.

    I'm an emerging act or business, is it worth me applying?

    The panel advise that applications from industry and artists who would be considered to be at the beginning of their career (i.e. with little live or business experience) are encouraged to get some "runs on the board" (gigging, touring, demos) before applying for grants. Alternatively,  ensure that your request reflects your experience and the opportunity to grow your business or audience.

    I'm applying to record an album, do I need to include a marketing plan?

    No-one wants 500 CD's or vinyl gathering dust under a bed, or online media that no one visits. So, it is important that you include a plan as to what will happen once the recordings are finished. (How will you get it to your markets? Who will do this? What timeframe are you considering? How will you  promote your record? Will you tour? Make a video? Hire a publicist?, etc.) This will show the peer assessors that you are aware of the need to market your products and that you have considered this in your planning.

    I want to start a new festival - can I apply for funding through Music Works?

    All applications for festival support should contact program staff prior to applying for funding support. Music Works will not fund start up events and is not primarily designed as an ongoing funding support.

    Can I buy equipment with this grant?

    Music Works Grants Major Funding Round – No

    Quick Response Grants – No

    Can I use the funds to pay for an overseas producer (or other practitioner/service)?

    Yes, but you will need to present a well articulated and strong case as to why the inclusion of an overseas producer (or other) is the right thing for you at this point in your career.


    I need a Quick Response Grant. How quickly can I access funds?

    There are 5 funding rounds per year (see website for details or sign up to the Creative Victoria newsletter). Funded activities can begin 3 weeks after each closing date.

    I want to do a recording next month but it is not in the timeline for the Major Funding Rounds - can I apply for a Quick Response Grant?

    Quick Response Grants are available to cover immediate opportunities in the Building Capacity (Professional Development) and Connecting to Markets areas of funding (not Creating Content).

    Can I apply for a Quick Response and a Major Funding Round Grant in the same period?

    Yes you can.


    What is a Grant Writer? Do I need a grant writer to apply for a grant? 

    A grant writer is a professional employed to write your funding application for you for a set fee or a percentage of the grant. The Music Works grants are designed so that you should not need to pay for a professional grant writer but you are welcome to use one. There will be no preference made by the  peer review panel.

    How many grants can I apply for?

    You can make one application only per funding round however you can apply to the Major Funding Rounds as many times as you like (unless you have an overdue acquittal from a previous grant). You can only receive one Quick Response grant within one year.

    Who will assess my application?

    All applications are assessed through a peer review process. Peers are selected from the Creative Victoria Advisory Panel Register and are industry experts from across the contemporary music sector

    When will I find out the results of the funding round?

    Music Works Major Funding Rounds usually take 12 weeks from the closing date to notification of results. Quick Response Grants vary but are usually 2-3 weeks from the closure of the round

    I forgot my login/password for the Creative Victoria Grants portal - who do I call?

    Noraini Rahman 03 8683 3131 or email the Grants Administration Unit

    Do you provide translation services?


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