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3 October 2018

Image of royal children's hospital

The Royal Children's Hospital Bates Smart. Photo: Shannon McGrath

Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) offers a state-of-the-art family-centred care model developed by the RCH and the Victorian State Government’s Department of Health. The RCH’s vision was to provide a supportive family-centred environment where babies, children, adolescents and their families experience excellence in all aspects of paediatric health and a hospital where staff are proud to work.

Led by one of Melbourne’s oldest design firms, founded in 1853, Bates Smart’s design for the RCH converts natural qualities into built form. The architectonic language was directly informed by the RCH’s setting within Royal Park, a public park with characteristics of Victorian bushland. The natural textures, forms and colours of the park have directly informed the material expression of the building, as well as providing a supercharged health-giving backdrop for the entire hospital.