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4 October 2018

Prosthetic leg

Pressure Cast prosthetic socket technology Professor Peter Lee

PCAST is a unique process that allows prosthetic limbs to be created within a day, offering particular advantages for patients in remote and developing regions where highly qualified prosthetists are either unavailable or unable to meet the intense local demand for prosthetic limbs. This situation is compounded in Vietnam where the prevalence of landmines and high rates of motor accidents have led to high demand for low cost prosthetic legs.

The prosthetic socket is the most vital component in an artificial leg. The PCAST system works by using a portable unit that can create a customised socket for prosthetic legs without the need for specialist technicians. In Vietnam, a prosthesis costs US$130 and takes eight hours to make; PCAST costs US$100 and takes about four hours to complete. More than 400 patients have already benefitted from this technology.