Respecting tradition, skill and materiality, but also pursuing innovation and experimentation, leading Melbourne designers are making unique, finely-crafted places and products, that combine cultural meaning, expression and experimentation.

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Yo Westbam! Necklace l Marcos Guzman

Anton Family Wall Sconces l Volker Haug Studio

Empire necklace, Wearable Cities l Blanche Tilden

Fruit Tree Bowl | Porcelain Bear

Gallery Chair l Chris Connell for Schiavello

Harvest | Jardan

Hybrid Geology l Kate Rhode

Lehenga Table | Helen Kontouris

Mayu Floor Lamp | Coco Flip

Seam | Adam Cornish for Tait

Shinki Vessels l Makiko Ryujin

The Ian Potter Southbank Centre l John Wardle Architects

Typography | Rakumba with Studio Truly Truly

What was once closed | Katie Collins