From award-winning learning environments to ground-breaking research, Melbourne is a leading global city for design education. Design learning had has a profound impact on Melbourne, shaping the city, physically and intellectually.

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Bionic Eye – Headgear Design l Health Collab & Monash Vision Group, Monash University

FABPOD II l Centre for Design Innovation, Swinburne University

L-TKD shoe l Sung Myeong Ha, RMIT University

LimeLITE OnTrack l Centre for Design Innovation Swinburne University

Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne l John Wardle Architects (Melbourne); and NADAAA (Boston)

Pak Backpack l Caroline Frey, RMIT University

Re.Bean Coffee Stool l Kristen Wang, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) l Monash Informal Cities Lab, Monash University

Sensory representation of multi-dimensional data for immersive analytics l Deakin University

The Little L Project l Deakin University