Melbourne’s designers imagine, and then create, new and better futures, striving for increased performance, agility, sustainability and empathy. Their inventive design embeds research and scientific knowledge within places and products.

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3D-printed ornaments | Alterfact

Blackmagic Camera l Blackmagic Design

Floe l Roland Snooks and Philip Samartzis

Holden Time Attack Concept car l GM Australia Design

LinktGO: Mobile Tolling Solution l Transurban

Maggie, your AI virtual assistant l Magic Pi

Mobile Hyper Kitchen l Crowd Productions

Sagrada Família Basilica: Façana de la Passió Mark Burry, Swinburne University & Sagrada Família Basilica Foundation

Smart City Totem l Diadem

Thung-ung Coorang (kangaroo teeth necklace) l Maree Clarke