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2 October 2018

Man walks through shrine

Shrine of Remembrance Redevelopment l ARM Architecture, photo: John Gollings

ARM is an Australian architecture, urban design and interior design practice known for high-profile, culturally significant buildings and precincts that stretch the boundaries of architectural and urban thought. ARM’s founding directors, Ian McDougall, Howard Raggatt and the late Stephen Ashton, were joint winners of the 2016 Gold Medal, the highest honour awarded by the Australian Institute of Architects.

ARM expanded Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, which opened in 1934, from what was purely a monument to a place for exhibitions and education. For impact, the original building was raised up above the surrounding parkland on massive brick columns, creating a vast dirtfloor undercroft. ARM’s Galleries of Remembrance, Visitors’ Centre and Education Centre are major additions inside that undercroft, but they have not altered the Shrine’s footprint or silhouette. ARM’s new additions are full of references and symbols – overt and otherwise – to Australians at war.