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4 October 2018

Two people in the visitors centre

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne Visitor Centre, photo: Derek Swalwell

Established in 1994, Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA) works across architecture, interiors, landscape and urban design. KTA’s vision for the Visitor Centre at the Royal Botanic Garden, Cranbourne, expresses three themes: journey, threshold and prism. More than a building, the Visitor Centre was envisaged as an inviting sequence of interiors and intimate gardens that form an intriguing journey; a threshold.

In this project, the role of architecture is to frame the landscape – to be a backdrop to and an extension of the Australian Garden. The spaces form prisms, which provide a way of apprehending the diversity and richness of the Australian landscape. The palette of materials consolidates this vision. Weathered timber boards not only allow the buildings to recede but they also provide a canvas against which to see the changing light, shapes and colours of the plants unique to Australia.