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7 October 2018

Nura design
Nuraphone nura

nura’s design ambition is to provide personalised sound to everyone, everywhere.

The nuraphone is the world’s first headphone to automatically learn and adapt to a user’s unique hearing, thus bringing people closer to the music they love. Using super-sensitive microphones, the nuraphone measures the otoacoustic emission (the sound the cochlear creates back out of the ear) to create the perfect sound profile for an individual.

nura began the challenge of designing the perfect headphone with the knowledge that we all hear differently. The resulting product is a combination of a number of world firsts: the nuraphone combines in and over ear architecture that enables clarity; it automatically personalises sound profiling; and it incorporates ear-cooling tesla valves. The result is a headphone that rethinks a design that has remained largely unchanged since its inception more than a century ago.