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13 October 2018

Crumpler Backpacks

Conversion Range Crumpler

Established in 1995, Crumpler was founded by Dave Roper, Will Miller and Stuart Crumpler. It began as a messenger bag company – the founders had been bike couriers – but has since expanded its range, notably into laptop bags, camera bags, and luggage and travel goods. Today, Crumpler bags are seen from Melbourne’s laneways to the world’s airways.

Crumpler bags emphasise functionality and robustness, but they also look great. The company is driven by new ideas and a drive to do things better. The company celebrates creative entrepreneurship and passionate designers who obsess over details and clever twists.

The Conversion Range turned ‘rags into bags’. More than seven metric tons of polyester scrap and off-cuts were converted into the RPET-constructed Conversion Range, creating an eco-friendly, tough and stylish collection of backpacks, messengers, cross-body bags and accessories that aimed to make carrying conscious.