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14 October 2018

Man on bike


Founded in 2002 by Hugo Davidson and Mal McKechnie, Knog was a spin-off from Davidson and McKechnie’s design consultancy, Catalyst. Its first design was Frog, an innovative silicone light, which then evolved into the Frog Strobe, a simple battery powered blinky. Since then, Knog has designed many silicone products including bike lights, bags and locks that are much-loved contributions to the bike parts and accessories market.

The core of Knog’s design work is the bike light. Now, Knog has a range to cover mountain-biking, road cycling and urban commuting, including the hyper-affordable and wearable Plus light, the contemporary design classic Oi bike bell, and the hyper-technical PWR design. The PWR range is a modular range of bike lights where the battery (or ‘PWR Bank’), lighthead and mount can all be dismantled, enabling the replacement or upgrade of components. The battery can also be used as a power bank that is compatible with many Knog products, such as a speaker, lantern and head torch, with other accessories planned.