Swimming pool set up on Yarra River

Yarra Pools, WOWOWA Architecture Photo: Studio Octopi, Yarra Swim and Picture Plan

Melbourne is a city of design: home to a vibrant community of design practices, studios, schools and ateliers that operate both locally and globally to make us one of the world’s most liveable cities.

The Shared Values exhibition explores the exciting diversity and international impact of design from Melbourne. It asks us, as we plan together for the global future, to think broadly about the many applications – and possible implications – of design.

Melbourne has been repeatedly honoured with the title of ‘World’s Most Liveable City’. Underpinning this achievement is a culture of creativity and design in which conceptual thinking, collaboration and openness result in designs that are contextually appropriate, inspiring and original.

The 100+ projects in the exhibition reveal the myriad ways in which design can create economic, social, ecological and cultural value. The projects form a set of six interrelated terrains: Play, Wellbeing, Learning, Invention, Making and Identity.

Throughout the exhibition, which celebrates contemporary design’s unique ideas, meanings and emotions and their relationship to everyday life, one message resonates: think about our shared values, collaborate with us, let’s create a better future together.

Ewan McEoin and Phip Murray
National Gallery of Victoria

Shared Values

Melbourne Pavilion, DesignInspire Exhibition

Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

6–8 December 2018