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10 October 2018

Metal Couture design

Metal Couture

Metal Couture is the work of William L. Griffiths, whose colourful career began in the heart of London’s jewellery district, Hatton Garden. Establishing himself both in Europe and Australasia, he has honed his skills across the globe.

Following a serious car accident, Griffiths spent six months in hospital, gravely ill. During this dark time, he experienced morphine-induced lucid dreams, haunted by skulls, biomorphic machines and dead animals. Profoundly affected by the experience, darker themes emerged in his work, along with the Latin philosophy of ‘Memento Mori’ – translated as ‘Remember That You Will Die’.

Griffiths’ prolific output reveals a rich tapestry of historical and cultural influences – from gothic architecture, tattoo art and baroque ornament to the biomechanical. His bespoke creations range from delicate whispers of diamonds, daggers and swallows to massive, opulent cathedral rings, distinctive and breathtaking to behold.


Instagram: @Wlgmetalcouture