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15 October 2018

Golden monkey

Lisa Roet

For the past 25 years Lisa Roet has been working with the image of the ape and monkey to create artworks, jewellery and objects. Environmental issues, genetic discoveries and the evolving place of humanity within nature are themes addressed in her art practice. Through an interdisciplinary approach to her practice, Lisa has worked with primatologists, geneticists, zoologists and taxonomists to research and gather the information needed to make the works. This has included research at zoos, laboratories and in museum archives worldwide, as well as field research in Borneo to produce art using a wide range of mediums.

As an extension of her visual art practice, Roet works with jewellery as a way to adorn the human form with the 'Other' – a silver bracelet made from cast gorilla skin hangs on the skin of the human; a gibbon hand wraps itself around the arm of the human wearer as if hanging from his or her arm. The works serve to remind us of our connection with our closest animal relatives.


Instagram: @lisaroet