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7 November 2018

Adele Varcoe design

Adele Varcoe

Adele Varcoe is an Australian artist and designer who creates fashion experiences that explore the social effects of fashion, dress and clothes. In particular, she is interested in the behaviour fashion evokes and the role social interaction plays in shaping our perception of dress.

Varcoe has created performances for State of Fashion: Searching for the new Luxury, MONA FOMA 2018 and The Future of Fashion is Now at Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam. Her new work Collection explores the relationship between character and the materiality of dress. The work begins by making miniature clay characters that are animated and brought to life with sound and movement. The characters are then upscaled into wearable, life-size pieces that enable us to inhabit these characters and insert them into our everyday lives.


Instagram: @adelevarcoe