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2 October 2018

Peter Waples Crowe and Vincent Li design

Peter Waples-Crowe and Vincent Li

Peter Waples-Crowe is a Ngarigo queer visual and performance artist living in Melbourne. He creates bold colourful work that explores the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture, often referencing the dingo as a totemic figure and an analogy for indigenous peoples. Peter has been a multiple finalist for prestigious awards such as the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards and the Victorian Indigenous Art award. Together with Vincent Li, a Melbourne-based menswear designer, Waples-Crowe has created the MIRRIGANG collection, where feelings of struggling with identity, dislocation and conflict are conveyed through collaged textile, digital prints, embroidery and hand-painted artwork.


Instagram @vincentlistudio


Instagram: @peterwaplescrowe