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4 October 2018

Charm bracelet

Haus of Dizzy jewellery

Kristy Dickinson is a Wiradjuri designer who has been making jewellery for over 18 years. In 2015 she started her business, Haus of Dizzy, specialising in bright, oversized jewellery incorporating elements of female empowerment and pride in her indigenous heritage. The range is stocked in stores throughout Australia including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and Melbourne Museum. Kristy aims to tell her story about the strong indigenous women who taught her about art and culture and were the backbone of her community.

The fashioned-focused jewellery label Alexandra Blak is the work of Australian designer Alexandra Anson. With a passion for the abstract, Alexandra originally began designing bespoke pieces for private clients. Drawing inspiration from her love of form, minimalism and the colour black, Alexandra focuses on hand-sculpted lucite, leather and metal. Alexandra Blak jewellery combines futuristic shapes and materials, creating a timeless, androgynous allure.


Instagram: @hausofdizzy


Instagram: @alexandrablak